#MotoSurfWeekPh: Surf Filmmaker Mark Mabanag’s Custom Tracker by Tokwa Party Garage


Ride what you built.


This phrase carries out our identity as we live out the culture. Not much to expound on this idea, but getting to reach destinations with the simple pleasure of riding is just more than enough. Our identities are passed on our built bikes, our preferences, our character, our attitude, and everything else. This is what excites everyone to share what they made. It’s a basic reflection of the person.



Surfing Filmmaker’s Custom Ride.


Mark Mabanag shares us his ride that he took out through the coastline, aiding his travels as he works on another surfing film in the Philippines. Renowned solid contributor to Philippine surfing, last 2014 he released ‘Archipelago’.




“..Basically my bike went around the coastline of Aurora province already..”








“..I used to it to go around and shoot at different surf spots for the new surf film I am working on…”






“..My friend Jerist made it, and it was inspired by high fashion colors, black, gold and brown…”






“..I wanted it to look like a sophisticated bike even though the bike costs really cheap in the market..”






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Words by Maki Aganon