Motorcycle Diagram: MotoIntro


Building your new bikes require a lot of changes to achieve an overall look. Its more often that the engine and the base frame are the ones left unchanged. But still, it would depend on the type of motorcycle that you are building.


Looking For The Right Parts

So you did a lot of research about custom bikes. You wanted it so bad. You download the image and show it to your nearby fabricator/mechanic, gives you a confused look thinking, whether you are sure about what you are about to do to your motorcycle. And then you needed parts, these are the crucial details on how to make it look different. It’s pretty hard to be treated like a total newbie, so here’s a simple motorcycle diagram by MotoIntro.





Now before buying things and asking about how to start, it’s good to know the basics first.

We all still live by the same motto: It doesn’t matter what you ride, as long as you ride.



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