Legacy and Pass It On with “Rocket” Iron Macchina’s Mini Offroad Pocket Bike


When you become a Father, you will make sure to give everything to your son or daughter. Even the things that you love the most, your career, passion and hobby. Iron Macchina Customs’ Symon Cantos, came up with a unique birthday gift to his son, a mini offroad pocket bike named Rocket.


We had a little chat with Symon about this project.

“The bike is based on an old pocket bike that I bought from my mechanic. He mentioned that he wanted to sell it since it’s just sitting in his garage for quite some time and haven’t been used. I had an idea to use the bike to build my Sons 1st motorcycle for his 4th birthday. And we did.”



“When we got the bike, it was in bad condition, and the only thing that can be used is the engine, rims and front suspension. So i decided to design a new chassis based from an XR200 we built last year. Using a small Jig, we fabricated the chassis and swing arm, fully reinforced it to make it more functional and reliable. Fabricated a tank, seat, triple-Ts, bought new brakes, carburetor, hand grips, chain and other parts for the engine and mechanical.”



“We used Royal Enfield Handle bars, bike brake levers and new tires. We also fabricated the front and rear fenders, front plate cover, side chassis panels, tank alluminum accent and exhaust. Powdercoated most of its parts, chromed telescopic forks, exhaust and painted the tank dark army grey/green. Oh we almost forgot the the training wheels. Hehe We built the bike for 2 weeks and was unveiled on my Sons birthday and he was really excited to see it. I named the bike “Rocket” since it fits my sons personality because he’s really playful and talkative. – purely a happy kid.”

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