Holey Moley- 3B Customs’ Hubless Dream



Jaws dropped all through out the day during the unveiling of this one of a kind build by 3B Customs representing his home province in during the Moto Builds Pilipinas 2017.

It’s clean, slick and spokeless/hubless, yes that’s right and it has holes in it, lot’s of it. Benjo Sun’s design ushered a new level of engineering madness in his bike build entry. The hubless wheels was originally conceptualized 2 years ago when we visited Benjo in Surigao. He said, ” I will build this hubless wheel whenever I will join the Build off challenge, and he did and it works! Yup we tested it after the event and it runs smooth as an ordinary motorcycle.


About the Build

The base bike for this build is a commuter bike from Yamaha, model is SZR it has a 150cc engine good and fuel efficient, quite good for city riding.

Not shying away from experimental builds that 3B Customs tackled with this mind bending project. A lot of sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears have been poured onto this beauty right here. The hubless bike concept has been around for quite some time now but mostly overseas particularly Mr. Billy Lane, who’s one of the builders Benjo Sun look up to and serves as an inspiration for this undertaking. This is 3B Customs’ own take on that using what they have and with what they can.

Time was not on their side

“The idea came to me 2 years ago, we even talked about it if you can remember.  Over the years I did some sketch, designs or blueprint on how to go about with the build. But the bike came to be in 3 weeks time from scratch. As we had to ship the bike to manila for the build off.” Says Benjo Sun of 3B Customs.


“Think about the bike’s wheel as a very big bearing, the challenge is not the see through wheel and the see through tank, but the drivetrain. We had to machine the rear sprocket from scratch, and we had to compute the correct ratio for the gearing to get the bike running smoothly. Design wise it was kinda hard to fit all the components in such a tight space to perform correctly without hitch.”


What we did with the bike

Dubbed as Miss Molly aka Hole-y Moley, the bike build is 3B Customs’ take on the modern day chopper, its like a retro-futuristic blend.



The only thing that is left unchanged is the engine. Everything else has been fabricated or changed.

Parts Fabricated:

-Custom fabricated front and rear hubless rim and the mechanism.

– Custom fabricated and computed jack shaft, with disc brake rotor adaptor.

– Custom fabricated and reinforced swing arm.

– Custom fabricated box type muffler hidden below the engine inside the engine guard.

– Modified See thru gas tank to complement the see thru wheels.

– Modified and reinforced bike chasis.

– Modified new upside down front suspension.

– New mono shock rear suspension.

– Integrated rear, brake and turn signals led lighting underneath the seat.

-Integrated handle bar grips with turn signals.

– Custom fabricated ergonomic drag bars.

– Custom fabricated big rear sprocket.

-Custom upholstered seat.

-New retro inspired head light.

-New minimalist throttle and universal switch assembly.





We can’t comprehend how 3B Customs pulled this project with limited resources knowing that they are based south of the Philippines and the limited time that they have but one thing is evident about this build, the hard work and dedication in creating a one of a kind bike.


We are proud to see this bike being unveiled to the public and we are proud of our local bike builders. This build and the other builds during the Moto Builds Pilipinas 2017 are truly a world class two-wheel masterpiece.


(Photos c/o Michael Eijansantos)

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