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Nothing beats the freedom of mobility to cruise on two wheels reaching the far ends where the road takes you. Be it with yourself, your riding buddies and even your families and loved ones. There is no limitation. Riders will know, what the breeze of fresh air damping on your face, the sight-seeing, and the good fellas you meet along the way. It gives the ultimate freedom and a certain kind of high.



Women Who Ride

This is not something new. Ever since the dawn of motorized bikes women have been living up to what motorcycle riding has to offer. Personally, as I was growing up, the words that come up to my mind when I see and think about women who ride – are independence, outgoing, and dangerous. Seem pretty empowering and fair. But as we go, the idea seems so stagnant, that I thought women can start with anything when they might as well please. It’s really unfair to think that women just ride for attention, but rather, on a much lighter note, that they enjoy the certain attention on what the ride brings her.



To name a few, as recently as I could recall, Gal Gadot who played the role of ‘Giselle‘ in the blockbuster movie Fast and Furious, certainly made heads turn and guys in awe when she arrived and brandished her long hair off a motorcycle helmet. She while in real life, is a motorcycle rider that owns a  a black 2006 Ducati Monster-S2R.




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Here in the Philippines, the Pinay Cruisers, a trio of lady riders feature their travels and adventures around the country aired on a local TV program. There are much more around, just to name a few.



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Prejudice and labels are just assumptions of the mind. Think free, start the journey and encourage everyone to do the same.



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