Cafe Racer Cebu: A Booming Scene in the Queen City of the South


The Cafe Racer scene in the Philippines is rapidly growing. With tons of new bike builds that floods the internet, inspiration and ideal bike dream drools in every bike enthusiast’s mind and extract creative juices to start their own backyard project. One of these cities, Cebu, dubbed as the Queen City of the South has a tightly knitted cafe racer community in the archipelago. Cebu, has a rich motorcycle culture. An island that is graced with beautiful beach destinations and scenic mountain views, Cebu for me is considered to be a small displacement haven because you don’t need a high displacement bike to go from one town to another. (Toll fees and 400cc limit on tollways)

DSCF5254Bike night at Cafe Racer diner place in Cebu.

When we visited Cebu in 2013, we met Jon Louie Yu of Revolt Cycles, a motorhead by birth as his dad raised him to be knotted with a two-wheeled beasts. That’s the first connection that we had as we both love dirt adventures in motorcycles. From there we were just contemplating about growing the Cafe Racer scene in the Philippines. Fast forward to 2015, I went back to Cebu and met my good biker friend again together with his brother and some of the active members of Cafe Racer Cebu.

DSCF5223A Deus inspired bike, only in Cebu.

DSCF5251Jon Louie’s classic Honda CB 305 Super hawk.

DSCF5273Tracker bikes ( Honda TMX’s and my surf tracker, Rouser 135 LS)


DSCF5250From Manila to Cebu, my Tracker bike endured a 700++ km journey in Cebu, Dumaguete and Siquijor.

DSCF5234Cold beer to start the night!


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Thank you for the hospitality and friendship Cafe Racer Cebu community! See you again next year!