Bike Feature: The Suzuki Raider J 110 to Brat Bike by Fart Monkeez


So here is a possible scenario that may apply to most people, “…I want a custom classic looking bike but I just own a moped/underbone bike. Would it be possible?…”


When we first saw the rise of Fart Monkeez Garage, spearheaded by Jonathan Van Haute, on the first Moto Builds Pilipinas Event this year, a lot of heads turned. A buzz spread throughout 0nline motorcycle communities heard clanks of a backyard builder making standard-economical bikes into one hell-of-a-kind. Going head-on with established clubs, Fart Monkeez deserve a remarkable flair of proving that it is possible when you want to WROOCK it on the streets.

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Underbone Country

The Suzuki Raider J 110 is a familiar, street-frequent breed of the moped with a sporty look and boasts on control, power and performance in our underbone-crazed. This motorcycle class is very much popular in the Asian Market. The demand has been high and enthusiasts tend to modify for looks and performance, and mostly are developed into racing and drag bikes.


Actual base bike.



Away With The Plastic Panels

It’s really amazing how you translate possibilities into reality. Enough research, skillful craftsmanship, and inspirations from the global motorcycle scene can spark up any project. The challenge is on how to transform mopeds/underbones into a kick-ass classic brat bike. This is the Fart Monkeez Garage showcase.



The base bike is a  Suzuki Raider J 110cc owned by Dr. Justin Paber from Zamboanga, shared to by Jonathan Van Haute.




“…Inspired by underbone cafe style builds around the world (internet). To make a very common bike into something that kicks ass!…”




“…Kick-ass tank paint job by Edwin Mistica (official artist of Fart Monkeez Garage).”








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Words and Photo credits to Jonathan Van Haute.