Bike Feature: Suzuki TS 125 Scrambler by 3B Customs from Surigao City



No wonder there’s a market come back for classic small displacement scramblers happening under our noses. This newly resurrected Suzuki TS 125cc by 3B Customs Surigao will melt your offroad head and will make your palm itch to make throttle control along the way.

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The 125cc two-stroke single cylinder enduro bike TS-125 was introduced for the Japanese home market in December 1970. It had 13 bhp, five speeds and high-drawn exhaust pipe.

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“The build this time is a rebuild of an old project bike, one of my earliest build,” says Benjo Sun, owner of 3B Customs. The client is a returning customer, and a friend. He’s bike got featured also awhile back. The suzuki tu 250. “The client called me up one day and was asking about an earlier bike that i did, it was a test bike so to speak. That bike was the very first bike that i’ve done in a vintage retro design. It was even prior to 3b customs was established. So that bike had no logo on the tank no emblem.” Benjo Added.

All rusty.

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The base bike is a Suzuki TS 125, client had tuned and recondition the engine as it has not been used in months. Well, that’s an aweful way to treat an old ride anywhere scrambler.

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“We changed the carb, the headlight, turn signals and tail light, mounted a rear fender, reupholstered  the seat, added thermal wrap and a heat shield on the makeshift muffler (repurposed from an old monroe suspension-which sounds awesome by the way) changed the switches and grips, changed to an even bigger wider tires. Painted it black and metallic olive green.” Says Benjo Sun.

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Imagine, we create, that’s a famous line from a famous custom car company. This build was purely a product of imagination making it a reality for the owner of this ride anywhere bike. Now go out there and find an old cranky scrambler and turn it to a mountain trail machine.

“Overall i think we gave the proper attention it deserved for a version 2.0.” – Bejo Sun, 3B Customs -Built by passion, Crafted by heart. Ride with pride.

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