Bike Feature: Revolt Cycles’ Honda XL125 “RVLT08‬”


Cebu City Philippines | As we are all busy transforming our bikes, haggling parts for our mods, and looking out for vintage bikes and parts out on the market, a booming scene squeezed out of passion, inspiration and family tradition is well and alive. It was the year 2000 when a father’s passion for motorcycles were passed on to a sibling of three.


The way our custom bikes are built out of passion and drawn out from inspirations of what we see, experience and over all self-expression. Our thoughts transferred to a mobile work of industry, is given character, or something deeper, a soul. Nevertheless how other people would react, custom bike tradition is a revolution.


Revolt Cycles officially started out as a brand just this year but the passion of riding,and essentially the love for bikes started since we were lil kids (2000) thankfully to our dad (John Yu); teaching and passing it on to us at a early and young age. Siblings of 3 boys (Jose Manuel Yu, Jon Louie Yu, Jon Kevin Yu) customizing began around year 2005 drawing inspirations mainly from motorcycle magazines, books and the love for restoring bikes. We coined with “revolt cycles” as we ride and build defying the standard.” – Jon Louie Yu


Revolt Cycles has always paraded the virtue. Some 10 years ago when three kids started drooling over motorcycles from magazines. Their expression of movement to define custom originality made heads turn and created curiosity answering the question: ‘Is it possible?”

Photo courtesy Revolt Cycles.


We asked Jon Louie Yu, one-third of the ‘Revolt Trio’ about a build that sparked the social media groups that raised queries on a positive note via delight and admiration. This is the Honda XL125 by Revolt Cycles.


“The bike is a 80’s Honda XL125s and is owned by Gian Nemil. He wanted a bike that looked more like a nimble and light motorbike. We didn’t have any reference photo for the build as the build just took on its own…”



“Loosed all the plastics. We used a smaller headlight with brackets, smaller blinkers, extended rear loop to an inch and 1/2, custom seatpan and a classic style rib stitch upholstery, customed metal front and rear fenders. The bike came in with those 18’s as well.”



Honda XL’s are one of the most reliable, street-legal bikes that possess characteristics of a dirt bike intended for on and off-roads. This bike has some bounces to offer for some unexpected ditches along the road. This is really slick, and remarkable, something we Pinoy backyard custom builders should be proud of. Kudos to Revolt Cycles.


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Words courtesy of Jon Louie Yu.