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Jerico Paolo Bruñidor shared us this brief concept Brat Tracker project all the way from Naga. An 18-year old, Paul Palban of APOL SON Custom Cycles was able to build this simple, yet amazing Brat Tracker out of a Honda TMX 155 CDI, with few collaborations with friends nearby.


“..gumawa nito student pa, bali nephew siya ng girlfriend ko, 5 to 6 months to na project, dahan-dahan lang. Weekend lang gingawa kasi busy kasi sa siya sa school..” shared Jericho.




Paul’s interest for motorcycles started out when he was very young. His father owns a small garage and accepts clients to fix motorbikes in a small town in Naga. When his father left to work abroad, he inherited all of his father’s tools and continued his passion to ride and build bikes.

When he wanted to learn something, he goes to his friends who also fix and build bikes, and quickly admits that he is still on the learning process.


“..Pero konti lang ang natutunan ko..hindi pa gaya ng mga professionals..” (laughs)


This project bike, was done for over for 5 – 6 months, since Paul was still attending school and was able to work on the bike during his free time. They had this concept image of a bike sourced from the internet and went to build around the idea.



Concept inspiration sourced from the internet.


“..Dyan po galing ang designs. Pero hindi lahat sinunod namin kasi wala kami magagandang gamit…” Paul added.








The bike was made in Naga City, and was later on brought to Cebu with the help of some people.




The young backyard builder also happens to ride and compete in motocross challenges near their place during race season.


When we asked Paul about his interest in bikes, he simply told us even if he hardly speak tagalog, “…hilig ko lang po talaga..”.


The passion leaves no boundary for how old or how young you can be. The whole concept is a unifying bond that keeps all generations, a burn-out that leaves a trail to engage and encourage even the young ones.



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Photos by Jerico Paolo Bruñidor



Words by Maki Aganon

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