Visual Stories: Custom Kawasaki Boxer 150 from Cagayan De Oro



A lot has been inspiring people to build their own bikes, particular to smaller displacement builds. People inspire people and going social online provides an avenue for people and builders to collaborate to experience ‘freedom’ to ride something ‘different’.


Here we share one custom bike project build from inspirations seen in the emerging culture of custom bike building, with shared enthusiasm by utilizing what is currently there and can be afforded by most masses. Allan Alejandrino from Cagayan De Oro chanced upon our page, gained the inspirations from our fellow local builders, particular to Tokwa Party Garage; catering to clients on a budget, to fabricate and re-assemble a factory bike into somewhat, a progression to a preferred custom look and functionality.



An Expensive Bike Is Not For Me



“..My interest in motorcycles started early this year when I saw my fellow videographer friends post pictures of their out of town rides with their Ducati Scramblers. As my my hobby is collecting retro sneakers, I found the vintage look of those Scramblers appealing and wanted to buy one for myself…” shared Allan.




“..When I went to a dealership here in Cagayan de Oro, the agent told me an 800cc bike is not advisable for a first time rider. You see, I’ve never owned or even rode one in my life and she said that buying such an expensive bike would be crazy for a newbie…”


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“..I looked at other less expensive brands like KTM but I didn’t like the look so when I chanced upon Scramblers, particularly to Cafe Racer Philippines, I was inspired to just build one myself. I asked the advice of my friends who ride and they helped me find the ideal base bike. That led me to buy a brand new Kawasaki Boxer. Saw a few modified ones, particularly the awesome ones built by Tokwa Party Garage…”


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“..Here in Cagayan de Oro, there is no shop I know that specializes in modifying cafe racers or the likes, plus one of my friends even discouraged me into trying to build one as he said that I will have problems sourcing the parts needed. This didn’t discourage me a bit as I’ve always been a “doer” and problem solver so I just researched on the process and tried to build it from scratch…”


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“..After removing the unnecessary parts of a stock Boxer here was the process I did for modifying my bike. First, as I’ve read, I have to cut the frame to make way for a shorter seat so I had it worked on by a body builder and the seat, upholstered by a someone who makes sofas and chairs. I just showed him a photo of my seat peg and he worked on it using the stock seat of the Boxer…”


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“..Second, I purchased large tires and rims from a friend who owns a motorcycle parts shop. I informed him of my project bike but told me he and his mechanic don’t have an idea how to build one but were thrilled to see what I will be able to do. This encouraged me to really make something special as I wanted to show them a really nice piece of machine…”


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“..Third, because of the many cafe racer pages on Facebook, I was able to source the vintage parts needed for a cafe racer, the grips, tail lights, and mirrors were from fellow enthusiasts I met when I was able to visit Manila last February…”


“..Now that I had the parts, the frame and seats ask are ready, I wanted to be hands on in working on it so I decided I should have it worked on in my tiny 1 car garage. Because I have a few motorcycle owner friends, I asked for their help and advice how to disassemble and assemble bike parts as well as replacing them…”


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“..My brother also know a really good automotive painter who worked on in my garage. Had to bring his equipment in my not-so large car and his assistants had to travel quite a distance to reach my house. A few details on my bike. I wanted a BLACK and GOLD themed one and so I bought gold spokes for my tires. I also had the tank and muffler cover colored gold as well as the headlamps. The black color of the tank and sidings were also done with gold glitters in them. It is really stunning when sunlight shines on them!..”


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“..The bike is done in about a month and the only problem I have now is to learn how to ride it. I’m just hesitant to practice on it as I’m afraid to even deny or have it damaged. Maybe soon I would be able to ride it and enjoy what my friends are describing. That riding a motorcycle is like “freedom”…”




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Words by Maki Aganon