Bike Feature: Fabio Baltazar’s 1977 Minarelli Lazer Sport 50cc



Identical to the General-5 Star with very little differences,  Lazers were made from 1977 to 1979. Staying slow and low, this moped provides its maximum strength and safety, despite being  in the low displacement category. Fuel range capacity gives a good 1.8 gallons with tamper proof seals.


We do all have to admit that we needed more than just one bike, without having to explain why and apologize. It’s always never enough. And there are some times that we want to hit the roads real slow. Sometimes, local bikers used to say, ‘chill-ride’ or ‘andar-pogi lang’. These type of mopeds are really rare and hard to get your hands on. Prices could get hefty, but owning real classic bikes could gain you some sort of recognition and identifies one who truly appreciate the vintage type of things.



The Filipino who Rides an Italian in America


Fabio Baltazar is one of the few ones to own this 1977 beauty and is proud of it.






“..Ever since I migrated in New York, I see people using mopeds only to find out that mopeds are motorized bicycles..”





“..The previous owner stored it in his garage for years, since 1977 it was not registered until it got into my hands…”




..The bike is still fresh, it only has 250 miles since I got it. The previous owner changed the tank and handle bar but everything remained stock..”





“..The bike reaches up to 30-50 mph. Future plan in this bike is a 70cc Polini Kit and thats it I guess..”







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Words by Maki Aganon