The Numbnut XJR1300 Botafogo-N: Classic and Aggressive


Muscle and stance. These are the words on how we may translate an Yamaha XJR1300. The aggressive large displacement with air-cooled muscle engine with a solo seat design is ‘classic ready’.

Exciting, right? Let’s take peek at what Numbnut has built. The XJR1300 Botafogo-N.



When Jay Leno stormed the streets of Los Angeles with his 1917 Fiat Botafogo Special, on what he described
as “ and a lot of torque..” became relative to this bike build. Slim fuel tank design with race-bred look, and
a latest offering in the Sports Heritage Range.




The bike frame was untouched, parts were custom made and “bolt-on”. Such comfort for what yard-builders could achieve. This beast is unleashed by added free flowing Steel Dragon Performance velocity stacks and a howling 4-into-2 MVS Race Engineering exhaust system. Talk about power.




Too much was also improved on suspension, brakes up front and rear, giving the best on what it may achieve. Can’t give up performance while having a retro look.


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