Yamaha TDM850 Ratbike by Budoy Marabiles (Junior Kilat)


This upright all-rounder, released in the 90’s, The Yamaha TDM850 still boasts of its overall riding quality, build quality and of course reliability. With a parallel twin, a big bore you can’t simply throw away the flexibility and of course some troubles away.


Celebrities Share Their Passion

Some of us have our fair share of experiences when we encounter our local famed celebrities who share the same passion on what we do. Be it on food, cars, certain activities and all other things. All we do is social. We are all pretty related especially on things that we like and we love doing most.


In this feature we share this Bratbike by none other by the Original Sigbin, the “M-16 at your serbis bai…”, frontman of the Reggae band Junior Kilat, and one of the ex-housemate of Big Brother House, Budoy Marabiles.



TDM850 Ratbike

“..this bike is TDM850…road version of Yamaha’s Tenere750 popular with adventure races like Paris-Dakar rally. Tinanggal ko yung fairings (now 12kilo lighter from the original). Yung front fairing aluminum na…headlights are halogen lights for cars…”




“…yung seat leather from a friend. I’m not really into cafe racers..my aesthetics are more influenced by ratbikes…particularly sreetfighters…”


“…so di ako masyado naglilinis ng bike. I just make sure that the machine is in good condition…always check the brakes and engine…and of course tires…”







“…yung pipe gawa ni Norbing of Mandaue City. A local legend. So we fondly call this kind of pipes as “made in Norbing”…”



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