Special Bike Feature: Custom Couple Kawasaki Boxer 150 by Dereck Kwan from Taytay, Rizal


This is so sweet.


It’s the season of love everyone! This is the cheesiest time of the year where boys suddenly become men while girls appear to become ladies.  All the great romances, gift-giving, all love and confessions. Truly is, one day where adamant gift giving aside from Christmas Day. Yet flowers and chocolates here and there.


We have been thinking lately about this, thinking on how differently could you spend Valentines Day? Or much rather, how should it feel like riding anywhere with your significant other? I have been looking online on the lists of what are the intimate things you could do as a couple? Well I didn’t see motorcycle riding anywhere right there.


If you know what it feels like to ride freely, then think more of about having to go anywhere by land together?


As we all celebrate the ‘Season of Love‘, here at CafeRacer.ph, we bring you these identical custom motorcycles shared by couple Dereck Kwan and Eni Ladica.



Custom Kawasaki Boxer 150 Cafe and Tracker


It was last year’s event when CafeRacer.ph was there to witness Diamond Motocross Event in Taytay, Rizal made possibe my MX Messiah Fairgrounds, Generation Congregation and Diamond Motors Corp. Also worth mentioning the visit by Jorge Jacinto, Garage Monkeys Kustom and everybody else carrying the Custom Scene in East Rizal. I was around checking things out, talking to people and checking out bikes entering and coming out of the place.

See article [Diamond Motocross Event] here.


Out of nowhere, appeared a brapping white tanked, brown cowled custom cafe motorcycle and parked on the opposite side of the wall. I had my chance to approach the owner and to my surprise, found out that he only lives around near my place. What a find.


1 (6)


Talks with the owner and builder of the Cafe Boxer, Dereck, I found out that the donor bike was bought brand new. By the time of the release of the bike, went straight into the garage for the mods.


1 (1)


“…pagkakuhang pagkakuha ko nito from the dealer, dinala ko na agad sa gawaan!..”


1 (2)


“..pagdala ko sa shop, niliha ko na agad yung tank nya..buti nalang sa area namin magkakatabi lang yung mga shop. Kumpleto na. Kaya minsan pagtapos sa isang shop tinutulak ko nalang para ilipat sa kabila..”


Meanwhile, after his build was done, Dereck later on decided to build another identical bike for his girlfriend, Eni. He looked for another 2nd hand Kawasaki Boxer 150. This time he did a Tracker Bike.


1 (8)


“..gumawa naman ako ng ganito para magkaiba naman kami..”


1 (3)


1 (13)


I’ve been meeting these two a bit more frequent around. The sounds of their bikes made my Dare Devil Racing Pipes, became quite familiar. They have always wanted to know more people around our town to ride, bond, create fellowship and contribute to support the local kustom culture.


1 (4)


1 (9)


1 (7)


1 (10)


1 (11)


1 (12)


1 (5)




Like the Bike? Ask more about the builder!

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Words by Maki Aganon

(c) CafeRacer.ph