#MotoSurfWeekPh: Honda TMX 155 “I-Man” Custom by Epos Falcone


Here is the 2nd serving for CafeRacer.Ph’s Moto Surf Week.


Right now we take a look at a total adventure guy from Cebu City, hails from a company that strongholds support for local downhill skate, skim and surf in our country, called Driftwood Local Enterprises (DWLE). Epos has been one of the providers to promote local surfing and creating custom surfboards for athletes and enthusiast. 


As featured way back here at the jumpstart of this website, we were able to take a good first look at the “I-Man” bike by Epos. Read on [The Philippine Custom Build Bike Culture: It’s About Time]



Honda TMX 155 “I-Man” Classic Style Custom


“I love classic style. My “I-man Bike: Honda TMX 155” is from my Canadian friend Rob…”





“He sold it to me for 5k pesos and it was brutally used cause he travels a lot in Mindanao and here in Cebu…”




“..At first I just change my motor bike set in to an old skateboard deck, change the head lights into a round shape, open the pipe, paint black and that’s it. I got a bad ass bike…”




“And ride it to our skate adventures and surf trips. Later that year, I met Jon Yu of Revolt Cycles. He help me build the new look of “I-man” he got some old tank of an 80s Honda 100cc and I bought it to him, re-pimp “I-man” into a new look..”





“Nothing especial, just cool rides..”


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Like the Bike? Ask more about the Builder.

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