#MotoSurfWeekPh: Gian Nemil and The Honda XL125 Enduro Tracker


Some perks evident living down South of the Philippines is that, you can just simply hop around islands, given a motorcycle that can endure wild terrains, bumpy rides, and long highway runs for the simple joys of travel and adventure.


Enduro Surf Tracker


Surfer Gian Nemil Shares us his bike built by Revolt Cycles from Cebu City. This is another installment for this week’s #MotoSurfWeekPh, spreading the culture of surf and custom motorcycles in the Philippines.


See article [Revolt Cycles Honda XL125 “RVLT08”]

“The bike is a 80’s Honda XL125s and is owned by Gian Nemil. He wanted a bike that looked more like a nimble and light motorbike. We didn’t have any reference photo for the build as the build just took on its own…”


Below are some of the adventure photos of the owner shared to us.















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