Meet Tanya, The CATERPILLAR Inspired TVS XL100 of Ase Medina


We’re always on a lookout for something new, something fresh, unique and out of the box concept. We want to highlight the builds of local backyard bike builders, their ideas since day one. Some of them are now well-respected bike builders and some of them just focused on their passion.

We saw another feature worthy bike on Facebook. A bike that is underappreciated by its power, looks and maybe because of its brand. But this bike that we are featuring right now is one of the most economical and fuel efficient daily commuter ride, built to tackle the deadly traffic of Metro Manila and other big cities in the world.

So what bike are we talking about? Without further ado, meet Tanya, a TVS XL 100 CATERPILLAR inspired traffic buster of Ase Medina from Tandangsora, Quezon City.


TVS XL 100 as featured in News Moto

This 100cc moped caters the daily commuters of highly urbanized cities such as cities in India where TVS originated from. TVS Motor Company is a multinational motorcycle company headquartered at Chennai, one of the biggest cities in India with 7 Million population.

TVS is the third largest motorcycle company in India and TVS Group spans across industries like Automobile, Aviation, Education, Electronics, Energy, Finance, Housing, Insurance, Investment, Logistics, Service and Textiles.

TVS XL 100 Solo Luzon Loop by Turban Rider.

Our friend Mr. Telly Buhay of Turban Rider demonstrated TVS XL100’s power when they load up to five individuals on this 100cc bike.



So we asked the owner of this gorgeous heavy lifter bike Ase Medina why he considered owning a TVS XL100.

tvs 1

“Binili ko po ung xl 100 kasi mura lang sya para pang daily use ko po pang pasok ng trabaho. sabi kasi nila matibay daw at pang durugan daw talaga ung XL 100.”

So why the brand CATERPILLAR (CAT)? We know it’s a brand for heavy equipment, so why?


“Isa po akong contractor carpenter kaya sa trabaho ko madalas ako nakakakita ng caterpillar trucks kaya un naisip kong motif sa motor ko para mas mag mukang heavy duty pag pumapasok ako. kaya madalas pinag kakatuwaan sa trabaho na kargahan ng mabibigat.


We know you were delighted when we asked you to feature your bike on our website. What are your thoughts about it?


“Hindi naman po talaga ako builder ng motor nag try ko lang gawin ung visor at mud guard gamit ung mga tirang flat sheet sa trabaho. di ko po alam na madami palang magagandahan sa ginawa ko. Thank you po sa pag future ng bike ko ” 

Insprired by his daily job, Ase transformed his daily commuter in to one of a kind moped bike. Kudos to your work Ase!

Frankly speaking, the TVS XL100 is a bike for everyone. It’s light, durable and can take a seriously long ride with just 100 Pesos gas budget.


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