Loose Keys Moto Culture: Propagating the Custom Bike Scene in Siargao



    It’s easy to think that Siargao—arguably the country’s prime surfing spot—mainly makes waves around the globe thanks to its famously sought-after swells. But more than just a hub for beach combers of all backgrounds, it is also home to a budding community wherein celebrating surf lifestyle is just the beginning.


    “Loose Keys is a motorcycle and surf-infused lifestyle brand,” founder Mia del Mundo explains. “We want to create a culture in the island that isn’t just surf-oriented but gives everyone no matter what their jam is, a place to hang out, meet new people, and share their stories of their journeys.” But, why Siargao?


    Without a doubt, the island, hundreds of kilometres southeast of Manila, has become a bona fide melting pot for free spirits, travel junkies, explorer-types, and beach bums. It’s been consistently celebrated in various local and foreign media outfits as a bucket-list destination. But for Mia, Siargao possess an unrivalled quality that even surpasses its natural breath-taking beauties such as its vast coconut forests and amazing coastlines. “It is the lovely local people who welcomed us with open arms [that captured me]. The culture and kindness that the people here have is like no other place we have been before.” So, the better question to ask is then: why not Siargao?


    The foundation of Loose Keys was always build on a strong sense of civic initiative and service. About three years ago, Mia met Dan Fitzpatrick, who would not only later on become a Loose Keys co-founder but, ironically, provide the backbone to the business.

    Due to Dan’s work and back injury, he was having a hard time riding small bikes such as the XRM’s around the island. He then met [surfer] Luke Landrigan who referred him to 3B Customs for an idea to build and rent out modified motorbikes. An idea came to mind and we both decided to start something together.”


    The rental service proved to more than just help people—locals and visitors alike—to get from point A to B. Loose Keys took on multifaceted roles and has become known for more than just their remodeled rides—and going with the flow seems to have worked to their favor ever since.

    “From a motorbike rental shop to our clothing, then a café’ to a bar, many of these were just put in together without any plans. We were just seeing how things flow and decided to go for it.” The future couldn’t be any brighter for Loose Keys and we couldn’t be more excited with many more upcoming developments.