Drogon: A Yamaha Virago 750 Victorian Era Concept Cafe Racer by Kila Adame


Dakila “Kila” Adame’s dream of having his own higher displacement Cafe Racer bike has been fulfilled. After some stumbling blocks and mishaps due to dishonest builders, perseverance and his passion for two wheels prevailed.

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Recently, Kila shared the story of his build in Moto Builds Pilipinas Facebook Group. Here’s what Kila shared.

“I wanted to share with you my humble cafe racer and Wolfy’s big brother, “DROGON” – a legendary Yamaha Virago 750.”

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“Probably you have known me before or at least knew my story. For months, I have been rebuilding this motorcycle trying to repair all that was destroyed. And finally, I somewhat managed it.”


Inspired by the aesthetic of victorian-era combined with retro style, this kind of cafe racer made Kila decide to put again all such uniqueness from his small displacement bike Wolfy and give Drogo a meaner look.

“I wanted to make something that is evocative of the past, yet is something new since this is my first big bike cafe racer that I long dreamt of. So, I decided to change the color of the tank into not just ordinary gray but put back into basic yet styled form of a brushed metal scheme with same logo (some would say it is similar like that of the Witcher’s logo from Netflix) And since, I like putting leathers, I made it to a point to put it all around my virago. From tank armor, to the seat, grip, I made it look like it complements the style, Thanks to superb craftmanship of Sir Chris and Valor of Iron & Hide Custom that made the leather design possible. And adding to that steampunk look, I put a fuel gauge alongside the logo to make it old school.”


“I would like to thank Sir Hermo who helped me a lot to put new parts with my Virago and to everyone who believed in me.”


“I am still grateful that even though I have gone through the bad experience of building a cafe racer still, a lot of people gave me moral support through the rough times and made me believe that there are a lot of people who are good in this world.”


Kila’s concept for his Yamaha Virago 750 has a unique touch, drawing his inspiration from Medieval times, this bike will surely be a head-turner. The stunning leatherwork gave the bike a dragon-like appeal, and with that signature Yamaha V-Twin Engine’s roar, Drogo will surely put up a blaze whenever this bike speeds up on the highway.

Who knows, you might see this bike next year during the Makina Moto Show.

Good job Kila!