Cub Week Feature: Street Cub “Dirty Harry” by Dyani Lao


This is the second serving of CafeRacerPh’s Cub Week!


This time we will take a good look at at this striped down classic ride to be used and abused by “Cubao City-based” Tattoo Artist, Mr. Dyani Lao.


“Just like the character Dirty Harry, the Honda Cub never dies…”


Influenced by good friends in the custom culture scene, He purchased his base bike Honda C70 EX3, from a seller online. He was told that the original owner of the C70 was an egg vendor.


_DSF2929 copy


“…used it as a delivery trike (an open sidecar attached on the bike). When I got it, it’s almost dead with all the battle scars…”



_DSF2947 copy


While he was doing the initial build, he got helped out by Norman Saliot and Paul Cayaon. While the electricals were done by Jeff Marcelo, and the maintenance with Albert Magno Cruz.



_DSF2945 copy


“Named my cub “Dirty Harry” after watching the discovery channel’s episode about the toughest bike in the world.”


_DSF2940 copy


“It also stand by it’s name since I rarely clean it as I’m using it on my daily grind and I’m lazy like that.”


_DSF2951 copy

_DSF2936 copy


“The handle bar is from another old honda from the same seller. Then I designed and fabricated the base plate for the cockpit.”


_DSF2952 copy

_DSF2932 copy


“The pipe is for an older model so I extended it to fit. Got it from Ilocos.”


_DSF2946 copy



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Stay tuned for more Cubs this week.