Cub Week Feature: 3B Customs Monster Cub Chopper from Surigao


This is Cub Week!


Let’s start off with 3B Custom’s latest build, but now ushering Mr. Benjo Sun’s taste with smaller displacement motorcycles. Like an itch that he could not get rid off, he laid his hands now on an 80s Honda C70 EX3 Econo Power. He only wanted to have it done altogether with his classic L2 build (read more here), but he had decided to focus about it right after.


“Maybe in the future with more experience and more man power I could do more bikes at the same time.”


For sure we bet he will.


The Engine Horror Story


“Right then the base bike here is an 80s Honda C70 EX3 Econo Power, again purchased from a friend, it was running when I got it. He used it in the islands where he was stationed oh right I forgot to mention he’s a police officer. While doing the L2 the bike was just left sitting in a corner, I haven’t even bothered to wash it or check on the parts or the engine, because like I said it was in running condition. Bad move on my part there, a mistake that would eventually take a chunk on my wallet…”


While Mr. Benjo was about to start on the cub project, he discovered a seize on the engine that accumulated gunk and rust on the flywheel rotor, found some salt deposits and yes, more rust.




“I guess during some time in the island there are more salt particles in the air, it may have gotten into the carbs…”


“We then drained the engine oil, then there flowing in front of me was some brown milky white substance, I can only describe as liken to “chocolate drink”. So we proceeded to do an engine oil flush then changed the oil…”


He then bought a new carburetor to which he could have easily saved some bucks on just because of such mistake.  


“It’s one badass piece of motorcycle history. It wouldn’t have been featured on discovery  channel’s greatest motorcycles ever for nothing…”




Nothing Like I’ve Seen Before


“About the design well I had some inspiration from the net, I wanted to do something radical, something I haven’t seen in the local scene; something with a springer front suspension, a suicide shifter and a hard tail on a cub. With the criteria in mind I scoured the net for ideas, and there something that had fitted my criteria, a “chopper cub”.  I think this is the third time that I know off that this specific cub design was done, each one a bit different from the last. Well this is my take on that chopper cub design…




“The build, what I’ve done is extend the rake of the front end and made it into a springer forks, I’ve always wanted to make a bike with swinger forks, it’s just now that I’ve really looked into the mechanical side of it. Those are stock cub springs by the way. I also made my own adapter for the handle bars…”


“The handle bars are stock, the frame is not really extended I just changed its mounting position from bottom to top and added a metal tube at the bottom for support, I’ve cut the pressed frame to shorten it and also bobbed the back portion, where I also made some strengthening on the pressed frame…”




“Took out the rear suspension and replaced it with metal tubes and put a fender at the rear with a back light made from a discarded car RPM gauge signal lighting…”




“The engine is pure stock, it’s an awesome engine, also very economical. I’ve cut the fins on the engine’s side. And I also personally engraved the swirl marks on the engine and the air filter cover using a rotary tool. Took me about a day to hand engrave. Boy was my wrist and fingers shaking, I couldn’t grip my hand after that. But it was all worth it. Oh, I got the idea using the swirls from my baby girl’s comforter, (talking about inspiration from the unlikeliest of places.)..”








“I also made a suicide shift/jockey shift, with an adjustable wrench as a handle, and I etched the shafting as well. I changed the tires to bigger and rounder ones with some classic looking threads. I also changed the headlights, turn signals and switches. I also made a custom seat pan with custom leather seats, also made my custom handle bar grips using the same leather…”




“As for the tank, well here’s the thing. I went to my go to fabricator here with the design I wanted but he said he couldn’t do it, so he recommended me to his friend who could probably make one, but again turned me down said it was difficult for him with all the curves, said it was too time consuming, also being short handed on the equipment…”






“Feeling a bit frustrated, I went on to find another design. But still it kept on bothering me, I really wanted that tank. One day during the build process I saw a documentary about boats and learned that some boats are using fiber glass for the body, parts and even get this the gas tank…”

“That sparked an idea, if no one will make me a gas tank then it’s up to me to make it happen. I realized I got a friend who makes boats for a living so I decided to ring him up and asked if it were true regarding the gas tank, on how the fiber glass would react to the gasoline, luckily he gladly shared some industry secrets with me on how to make it, he even sent me some materials I could use…”




“He said he uses specialty resin for it. It’s a bit more gasoline tolerant than ordinary fiber glass resin. Having acquired the items I decided to make a small box container using the items he gave me, after it cured I tested it, after about 2 months plus there was so sign of softening or damage to the cast. I had my eureka moment there. So I made myself a mold and proceeded to made my own gas tank…”


“I made my custom gas cap to it as well, during this build I went simple on the gas cap I didn’t want it to over shadow the tank. I want the tank to be the focus. I decided to go bloody red on the color scheme I wanted it look like blood literally, like red on some parts and on another angle it turns super dark red fading to black. I don’t know if the picture can do it justice its way better in person I think…”




“After the build I couldn’t wait to test it out, I would say the ride is pretty solid but it takes a bit of getting used to. But all in all nothing beats riding it in the city, and especially on the coastal highway. Not the speed but the sheer fun and ride of it seeing that front wheel up close like…”




“Its wicked fun, during my test ride I stopped by a couple of stops to get a drink or check on some parts like loose bolts and so on just in case, you couldn’t help but get attention on the bike, praising how badass it looks, from elegant, classy, sexy to wild, one even said ridable art sculpture…”


Those reactions really made my day, and can’t help but put a grin on my face…”




“During this build I learned a lot, from springer front ends, to the rake and trail of the bike, to using new materials. It even reminded me to always check the bike. All in all it was all worth it. By the way this bike is sort of a birthday gift to myself since my birthday is fast approaching. I set out to accomplish something and I did it. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be selling the bike, like all my builds it will go to a new home.

“I want to share it people and spread the custom culture…”




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