Bike Feature: Yamaha RS100 Street Tracker by Tokwa Party Garage


One of the popular 2-stroke motorcycle/tricycle model introduced in the Asian market in 1977, used a pressed steel frame, steel tubes and metal cover sets for the body.


Nearly in the mid 90’s in the Philippines, the Yamaha RS 100 became one of the most sold 2T tricycle. Over 3 Million units produced, it was later on phased out in 2003.



Tricycle to Street Tracker


Quicky emerging from the custom motorcycle culture, Tokwa Party Garage has been making noises over the sites in carving beauty out of rusting, basic motorcycle baptizing and giving bikes a new life, and making donors happy.


At any given chance, when these fellas were given a downtrodden bike, would work their asses off to make necessary adjustments, even if into changing parts, overhauling engines and painting the frame all over.



“..The base bike is a Yamaha RS100. This build took me 3 weeks to finish, It was first brought to the Garage in an all stockup condition,not running its was so rusty..”




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“..I took off all of the stock parts, engine, chassis, tank. I had to replace almost everything with brand new parts, we restored the engine, we replace new parts inside the engine..”








“..we painted jet black as per Jose Manuel Tayao Mendoza request, I also did the diamond type seat from cutting the seat pan up to cutting and shaping the foam…”







“..The exhaust was converted to tune pipe we chrome it..I also designed the tail light and the plate holder to be mounted on the rear mud guard…”






“..With the trust of several people, the Tokwa Party Garage team again has been given a chance to build a bike that the team and the owners can be proud of. With their trust and support, a new Yamaha Rs100 Street Tracker..”









Without the help of these people, this project wouldn’t be done:
Owner: Jose Manuel Tayao Mendoza (Boying Mendoza)
Tokwa Party Garage Team:
Jerist Abac
Carl Aguilar
Jerome Manabat
Nonilon Montajes





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