Bike Feature: “The GreenH” Kawasaki ZRX1200R by Officina Italiana Motomorfosi



We are indifferent by all means of transforming a motorcycle, giving it a new life from what it is. It is one by far one truly our privilege to feature a world-class art shared to us by Emanuele Venanzi in collaboration with Officina Italiana Motomorfosi and Federico. The Kawasaki ZXR 1200r is one beast to tame, and this renowned garage from Italy found its harness to strap down this monster.


A good 15-year establishment of shared dreams, skills and passion put altogether, plus a long 40-years of strong family motorcycle culture, bore a link to give bikes a second life. This latest special offering gained much interest, worthy for share.


It takes a motorcycle, a key and full of dreams!

The GreenH” Kawasaki ZRX1200R by Officina Italiana Motomorfosi from Rome, Italy.


“..Officina Italiana Motomorfosi, Federico and Emanuele, Italy Rome, for this bike, we were inspired, the Kawasaki Racing ’70s, the fairing has been lowered by 5cm, the back has been shortened is a pigtail Honda fitted with LEDs,saddle Made in Italy..” shared Emanuele





“..Metamorphosis. That change, change. In biology, this word is associated with the physical and chemical changes of a living being. In botany, the same process applies to a plant. In chemistry and mineralogy, a rock or a crystal…”




“..In the world of cycling, it is the transformation of a motorcycle. And because of this we are concerned, we have chosen to change the word from Metamorphosis Motomorfosi. Because the idea behind the opening of our Italian workshop is to take a bike, preferably “dated” and carburetors, to personalize it and renew it…”




“..Giving it a new life, a look that can reflect our ideas through a machined and painted tank as much as we do, a handmade saddle and the choice of the pieces “spot on”. Able to fit together perfectly in the project, just like pieces of a puzzle. Models and types are not important, because any motion can be transformed and to any bike is given the opportunity to live a second life. After all, our motto is: It takes a motorcycle, a key and full of dreams!..”




“..The motto is ours because we are two: Emanuele turns to Rome for three decades with a Ducati Monster 600 rather “peculiar.” Between him and the monster is a love story. He never betrayed and there are those who bet that will come along with the silver anniversary…”




“..With the bodywork, painting and mechanics has twenty years of experience and has always wanted to make, one day, his motorcycle projects. Like a painter in front of the canvas, she develops her personal artistic vein welding, cutting, polishing and assembling…”




“..Federico, “motociclisticamente” speaking, is not true: the party from an Aprilia RS 50 Max Biaggi Replica, has arrived (for now) to a Kawasaki ZRX 1200 R Lawson Replica. Passing for Ducati Monster 600, Kawasaki ZZR 600 and Yamaha XJ 600…”




“..And a couple of scooters on which gloss over. For fifteen years in the world of two-wheeled communication, and in the Workshop Motomorfosi tries to put its share of ideas and experience. And a strong family history of forty years of motorcycle culture…”





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Words by Maki Aganon