Bike Feature: SYM Wolf Classic Tracker by Tokwa Party Garage




It figures when the common reaction given with the SYM Wolf Classic, is derived from a misconception that it was mildly familiarized, right when Honda has stopped producing the Honda CB125.


It still is pretty good that we can still have smaller bikes that we are able to work on. Bigger bikes are fun! But on smaller roads, you won’t have to worry more about cranking down the shift. It still should turn heads, especially when you love the price when it was bought, with a generous look to bat.




Almost Worthless Turned Worthwhile


“..I was about to sell it..then bibili nalang sana ako ng Mio kapag nabenta na…I’m selling it for 25k. tapos dahil walang bumibili, naging 20k tapos binaba ko na ng 15k madispose lang..” Albert De Guzman shared; the owner of the bike.




“ pinalitan na lahat harness..switches, ilaw…upuan, pinakudisyon ko na..out of nowhere sabi ko sa buyer “Hingin nyo na lang kaya!“..then nakita ko yung GOLDEN BAJAJ na build ng TOKWA PARTY GARAGE..”




“..I asked dun sa pic who the builder is…then mi’nessage ako ni boss Carl na he knows the builder…at ipinakilala ako kay Jerish Yu the Tokwa King..”




“..The original plan is Cafe Racer style pero nung nakita ko yung angas tikas at handa nung Golden Bajaj…dun ako nag decide na i-Tracker nalang…”






“..Then nung dinala ko na sa bahay ni boss Jerish..dun na nag umpisa yung kulitan at mga araw na puyatan kakaisip sa motor..”







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Words by Maki Aganon