Bike Feature: Kawasaki ‘Ronda’ Rouser 135 by Garage Monkey Kustoms from Cainta, Rizal




Something difficult converting modern bikes back into classics would fall under cutting frames and alignment. Kawasaki Rouser 135 is one tough nut to crack converting into classic. Yet, everything seems possible to the determined. Here’s an offering of Garage Monkey Kustom from Cainta Rizal



Reverse Restoration


“..Everything was stock when it got to the garage..”




“..Its his first bike. We met at Vintage Cafe almost a year ago..”
“..His father got him a new Royal Enfield Classic 350 so he can ride without any problems. A bike that is street legal..”



“..But Chris doesn’t wanna let go if his first bike but instead he decided to give it a new look. So he went to the garage and told me about his plan, showed me a few pegs…”


“..After a week of staring and thinking. Chris gave me a call and gave me the Go signal…”
“..Ronda stayed in the garage for a fee months coz I didnt get to start on it at once..”




“..I got sick and had to stay in the hospital and the doctor adviced me not to do heavy work, Chris was patient enough to wait, after a month of rest I went back to the garage and started working on Ronda. Days of going around under the sun searching for the best parts that would fit the look that I was aiming for..”




“..Of course i didnt do it on my own, i got help from the monkeys, for the lifting and mocking up parts, Jayjay Valencia is a monkey who has a day job. So he gets to the garage around 5pm. So we get at it til 9-10 in the evening for the fabrication and fitting..”


“..It took us a whole month work for Ronda…”
“..Chris loves to ride with his girlfriend so he requested me not to chop the seat too short..”
“..The original Rouser tank was too distinct so I went to search for a tank. I wanted to give it an oldschool feel. The tank needed to be round and longer. I borrowed my friends Mola tank just to see, and it was the perfect look. So I bought one..”




“..But after a few days of looking at Ronda, the tank suddenly became too loud for me, so i went to get a hammer and started hammering away and made a pretty decent knee dent…”
“..Clubman handle bars also gave Ronda that european vibe..”
“..Converted to rear set, also shortened the front forks..”
“..One of the biggest challenge was converting the Rouser’s trademark mags to spokes and rims and how to get the center hubs aligned…”




“..Then Chris wanted a blood red color. So I painted it gloss red. It was too shiny for me after days of sitting there, I asked Chris if I could do Patina on Ronda’s tank, he said, ‘sige bro ikaw bahala kung ano tingin mo maganda, basta may shade ng black’ Oh yeah, I love it when clients give me freedom..”


“..I asked him what his lucky number was, the number plate was just a surprise from me…”




“..And Ronda’s done, Chris and his family and a lot of our friend was so excited to see her, ‘ang saya lang’ ng turn over sa Vintage CAFE..”
A lot of our friends, other bikers and brothers from the Alamat Crewsers were there to witness
“And they asked me kung ano tawag ko sa trabaho ko..”
“..I said I call it Reverse Restoration by Garage Monkey Kustoms..”






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