Bike Feature: Kawasaki Bajaj CT150 Cafe Racer by Wild Custom



Unfinished yet, you could already see the progress identified here in this project, the Kawasaki Bajaj CT150 subframe mod by Wild Custom. While it is true that some mods can undergo transformation of the bike without touching the subframe, but much possible if given outright attention to ‘actually’ look like a true Cafe Racer build.





Defining purpose of the dream ride was given emphasis in this featured bike. Wild Custom again does his wonders, exemplifying the barbaric prowess and skills in bending iron.




Not as easy as it may seem but Wild Custom wanted to make sure everything falls properly in to place without the compromise of time.





Not as easy at it may seem, shared Yhob (Wild Custom). But in truth, there are no shortcuts with the functional aspect of building your Cafe Racer.




It takes everything to remove the whole subframe and fabricate a new one, just so you know, these are what most DIY projects to be found difficult. This is half of the bike we are talking about here ladies.




This project here took about three days, which include the paintjob. Thanks to the new Wild Custom helper, his works are now finished faster than usual.

“..Ito yung project na hindi minamadali ng may ari ang pag-set up, inuna nya lang talaga ang frame, tapos sya na bahala mag palit ng mga accessories nya…”





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Words by Maki Aganon