Bike Feature: Kawasaki 100cc 2-stroke Custom by Fart Monkeez Garage




This year is celebrated as the Chinese New Year marks the Year of the Monkey. Believe it or not, some truly feel that astrology can predict the future, while others just do it for fun. Here in our site, one thing’s for sure about the future of custom bike building, its growing and getting really better. The culture is being passed on from one garage group to another.


And in this year, one ‘Monkey’ just couldn’t stop the grind of creating something out of the ordinary. All known for his ‘unorthodox’ style, again we have it here, Jonathan Van Haute himself, Fart Monkeez Garage.



Project Trash

Really one to be called a bang for the buck is working on 2-stroke motorcycles. They really can be found anywhere and bought everywhere, especially if you would just break the mold and throw away all unnecessary parts there is to be replaced with new, well, working ones. All you need here should be a well functioning engine and a stable frame and your project is all good to go.


“..Sabi nung may ari na si Mark Gener Albino, sya na daw bahala sa makina. Gusto lang nya ng rakenrol na motor, straight to the point at no bullshit…”





“..Yun, Project Trash yung kinalabasan…”






“..Sabi din nya, gusto nya tanggal pintura sa tangke. Natuwa ako kasi sabi ko sa kanya, pare, rakenrol talaga tong motor mo kasi sure ako na puro malalalim na dents yung tangke mo. Sabi nya na yun ang gusto nya. Kaya yun..(laughs)..”








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