Bike Feature: Honda CBR150 Street Tracker by Roger Navat


Speed-freaks are now in for a treat. Today we look into a road-familiar sport bike that surely looks damn good and fast. But this is something different from what we always see. How dare you strip something that’s already almost perfect for sportbike fans, especially something that’s  identical to the Honda CBR1000RR, ‘the MotoGP world motorbike champion? Well, how about making a good one better?


“I don’t mind, I’m happy with the result..”


Taking the Risk

This is something all builders have to deal with, every single motorcycle project. Would it work? Is it possible? These are the frequent questions that whisper at the back of your heads. But who would believe that the joy of building a custom bike, tagged with creativity, overcomes such fear? This is the Honda CBR150 Street Tracker by Roger Navat.




“As we all know a CBR150 Honda is a sportbike, I’m a sportbike fan also. It’s just parang nagsawa lang talaga ako kaya naisip ko nung una, gusto ko lang i-swap sa ibang bike naman. Pero nanghinayang din ako kasi maganda manakbo yung CBR…”


Inspired By A Friend

Roger told that it was his good friend Jerry Formoso inspired him a lot to build his bike into a Tracker. He added that it was a hard decision to cut the frame, while insisting if he was sure about it, and if his budget would allow to proceed with the project.


“…Medyo natagalan din matapos kasi nga yung budget na ginamit ko, galing din sa parts ng bike na tinangal ko na nabenta ko din. May mga nagsasabi ng negative about the bike, pero I don’t mind. I’m happy with the result. Nagpapasalamat talaga ko kay Jerry sa metal works and modification kaya naging ganito kaganda to…”




“…Some of my friends tell me ‘..sana mayaman din ako para magkaron ng ganyan.’ Sabi ko naman, hindi naman kailangan ng yaman para magka-meron nyan. You just have to maximize on the things you have. It’s not the money, but creativity and imagination. All builders know that. If you don’t have it and if you’re afraid of taking risks, wala kang magagawa. Hindi mo malalaman kung hindi mo susubukan…


“And the design…it will not be done overnight. Minsan may plano na, tapos biglang nag CR ka lang nagbago na isip mo. (laughs) Well ganun talaga eh, that’s the joy of building a bike. So now I’m very, very proud and happy with my bike and planning to build another soon.”




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