Bike Feature: Honda C70 ‘Hotrod’ Streetcub by Norman Saliot


Built to Destroy.
The Honda Super Cub is a four stroke single cylinder engine, underbone motorcycle, with a displacement range of 49 to 109 cc. Yes, very slow indeed. But it was the fastest, in terms of  continuous manufacturing, as the most produced motor vehicle in history.

Honda Motors Business and Finance partner Takeo Fujisawa, intended to formulate strategies to dominate and destroy competitors. Too much for a mild looking bike right? And still too much for the US campaign attributed to Honda Cub, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.”

Ask your grandpa who happens to ride a motorcycle during his youthful days. The Honda Cub is here to stay. Over the years, the classic stock feel of the Honda Cub received baptism, to evolve by influence into different motorcycle genres.


The “Hotrod’
Let’s have a look on one of our local backyard bike builders who took passion and efforts to apply the ‘Hotrod’. Norman Saliot reinvented his very own Streetcub.



“To start off, this Honda C70 cub is very special to me because it was my very first vehicle. Over the course of two months I dedicated all of my time, money, and effort on reinventing this cub…”



“I inserted some of my best ideas into this vehicle, and because it’s a vintage motorcycle I had to research what really suited the age of my cub. In the end the HOTROD was the theme I chose to go with….”
“It wasn’t easy trying to remake an old-school cub, it was difficult, expensive, and tedious but it was also a lot of fun and very rewarding. Two of my friends helped overhaul the engine and the wiring as well as the paint job. When it was up and running I took it for a spin to Bicol…”
“It feels really good when somebody gives you compliments on your creation. They say “Ang ganda ng mofor nyo sir! Astig!” It feels especially good when older people give you praise and flattery, “Sayang, sana pala ganyan din ginawa ko….”
“The moment when someone appreciates your craft it gives you butterflies in your stomach. Every time a cop stares at your ride with an expression like he’s giving you a pat on your back while saying “What a nice bike you’ve got there!” gives you an indescribable feeling…”



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