Bike Feature: El Hijo de Puta Bike (Sh#tbike) by Hardcore Brothers Custom Motorcycles Inc.


“Talk about excerpts but this bike surely does kick some lame-ass.


If we were to discuss more about classic motorcycles to once again touch our native shores, one of the most perennial custom motorcycle clubs to ever burn the streets in our country, established in the in the Mid-2006, the exclusive distributor of Easyriders, Japan and West Eagle in the Philippines, The Hardcore Brothers Custom Motorcycle Inc. exclusively distribute the Royal Enfield Motorcycles.


This rock-formed brotherhood aims to provide uniqueness without conforming, by which defines custom motorcycle according to the owner’s choice of design…with lots of attitude.



El Hijo de Puta Bike | Royal Enfield Classic 500 Custom


“Power, the fuel efficiency, the reliability and simple, yet drop dead gorgeous classic styling..”

This is how we define this post-war classic machine that basically turn heads without such effort, running or not. But what we would like to share everyone, would definitely make your head spin and snap the spine out of a regular.


Words by Jimmy D.L. Barinaga


“There are really cool bike owners who have definite taste in motorcycles, and who surely knows what they want. Chef Hisham Johari a.k.a. Tristan is no exception…”




“A genuine lover of custom, classic and vintage bikes, he then didn’t waste time when he learned that the Royal Enfield motorcycles has finally arrived our shores…”


“He walked in at the Royal Enfield Pilipinas Main showroom in Makati City with only one condition before he gets one. That the bike he will be getting be chopped and customized to his desired look. Fortunately, he was talking to the guys of Hardcore Brothers Custom who as always are ready to show enthusiasts the ropes…”




“After a few more meetings, the “Shitty Bike” concept was born. The donor bike was a brand new Classic 500 Classic Green…”


“This is my first Royal Enfield…The looks! Classic, vintage, old school all in one! Plus the imagination for customization which we can play a lot without losing the identity of the bike itself” he quips…”




“When asked regarding the old school bike scene that is quite on the sidelines nowadays, and with Cafe Racers on the rise, Chef Tristan simply replied “Either it’s an old school bike or a café racer, for me it no longer matters as long you have come to the understanding and appreciate the power of the machine itself. Just enjoy it to the fullest”




Hardcore Brothers Custom was given full and unconditional artistic freedom to customize his project bike. Starting from the brand new Classic 500 unit, the bike was then disassembled, with the engine dismounted until only the frame remained. The whole bike was stripped of its paint and all wiring harnesses removed…”


“The first finished project is a complete certified one-off Hardcore Brothers Custom bike. Dished tank, swing arm extended 3 inches out, custom moustache type handle bar, powder coated wheel set, custom seat, custom Ol’ skool brit exhaust pipe, and the paint finish as requested by the Chef, a cool “shitty” patina.

One should just ask how the finish was achieved, only then that the secret will be revealed. Chef Tristan quickly added “as a clue, well the boys have their DNAs on it, and that’s what makes it really a cool shit!” and then some more…..”




“The Hardcore Brothers Custom Crew were not surprised when Tristan visited the workshop with new ideas to play with on his bike. New tank, custom seat by Acid Head Basilio, new handle bars and changed the paint as well.”




“Now the bike is as badass it can be, dubbed as “El Hijo de puta” as inscribed in the fuel tank. Surely this re-birth of the once shitty but happy looking bike will get the true riders approval. It’s the first “Dark Royalty Series” bike by Hardcore Brothers Custom…”


“Good wind, safe ride and an endless road of gold”



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