Stand Out TMX 125 Alpha Cruiser Bobber Build by Klasiko Sindikato from Bataan



Every day, we see tons of newly built customs bikes all-around social media. From Facebook to Instagram, these bikes are everywhere. But there’s one bike that stands out from the rest of this custom culture craze and we definitely gave this one of a kind build a chance to have the limelight and be featured here in

Meet the guys from Klasiko Sindikato from Bataan. In the outskirt of the metro lies a unique blend of World War II history and a rich pre- spanish colonial vibe. Bataan is also one of the hidden ride destinations with breathtaking sceneries and mountainside roads. It is also the home of Ride for Valor event that commemorates the Bataan death march.


We had a brief chat with the Klasiko Sindikato’s main man, Regin King Jorge Andres, the brains behind this elegant Honda TMX 125 Alpha Cruiser Bobber build.

“One day, my friend and I were chatting at his shop about the recent build we did for our recent customer. And then he asked me if I can do a build for him because he got a free bike that his not using that time. That was his bike in tracker build.”

“Jherry was a good friend of mine and without hesitation, I grabbed the opportunity to build a bike for him and for his shop. The bike was proposed as a display piece at the same time a bike that will be showcased in his shop.”

3“He then right away gave me the leisure of freedom to design and build the bike. We both decided to make a bobber build that has its own identity and will separate it from the others.”

“I decided why don’t I incorporate some parts from different kinds of classic motorcycles and automotives. Back in the days, I got my Volkswagen beetle that hangs from the yard and suddenly I saw my old air cleaner from my beetle.”

“I’ve decided to add it to the build. To give it more pop, we made springer forks using Honda c70 parts. I cut the frame in half and make a rigid frame the will suit the engine size.”

“The only struggle I’ve encountered was building the bike alone. I shaped and bent metals from hammer with my own hands. Doing all the works from layouts to fabrication. And the trickiest part is how to make it nice even when I’m lacking in tools to make some other parts that I needed for the build.”

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See this TMX 125 Alpha Cruiser Bobber and meet the guys from Klasiko Sindikato at the Annual Monkey Throttle Kustom Cult Bike Show this weekend at Cainta, Rizal.


Visit the official event page of this event, CLICK HERE.