Seventysix Kustoms: Bop N’ Roll Philippine Kustom Kulture Hop 2016



Living and loving the rockabilly, the authentic vintage lifestyle, the scene highlighted in the late eighties. The type of lifestyle that embraces the vinyl, away from the buzzing mainstream culture, talks in live music over coffee or beer, with classic automotives fuming and roaring on the streets.

What is seemingly away from our current mindset, the vintage type of lifestyle and culture, has its way to pull us back into a healthy way of living. It takes you away from a commanding, fast paced life, and brings us back to talk about things that actually matter. On simpler thoughts, it’s a simple life.


Seventysix Kustoms excites everyone and gives an open door to celebrate with them, inviting the classic custom scene to keep things light, get everyone in that share the same passion of motorcycles.


This is Bop N’ Roll Kustom Kulture on April 23, 2016, Saturday at Seventysix Kustoms Garage, Angeles City, Pampanga




This is a yearly gathering to hang out, meet new people, trade good stuff, listen to good ‘ol rockabilly tunes, snack offerings, with no intention to compete, and again I say, to keep things simple as good hosts inviting you in their home.





Photo Credits: Jio Villegas of All About Wheels Manila


See roll-roll out schedules within the custom bike communities, the ride itself is already an experience to collaborate in this cause to support each and every garages in the Philippines.


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Words by Maki Aganon