Kustom Kulture: Paved Its Way in the East


It was a fine Saturday morning where families and groups gathered for one monumental scene in Rizal, where motorbikes, cars and bands are all in one event.


Spearheaded by Pastor and Motocross Athlete, Mr. Sam Tamayo of Generation Congregation, presented by Diamond Motors Corp., in the MX Messiah Fairgrounds, families, friends, cars and bike clubs join in this unifying event of culture, family and competition.









“..we are always fond of making events like these to unite people all within our area and nearby places, inviting great motocross athletes from different parts of the Philippines to compete and share their God-given talents to everyone and encourage people to minister according to the gifts we have received. We only wish to stress out that we are channels of grace, that making events like these would value the ties of family and church community…” – Sam Tamayo


Kustom Kulture in Rizal

More than the flying dirt bikes and amazing sport-utility vehicle mods, the event sparked the culture of custom motorcycle building in the province of Rizal. Individuals unknown within the area emerged from being unseen, brought their bikes and shared their passion to the curious souls.


Garage Monkeys Custom brainchild Mr. Jorge Jacinto took the lead to usher the culture in the event in cooperation with Waves & Pavement Co. and Cafe Racer Ph.












A couple from the local church arrived in the area on their identical custom Bajaj Cafe Boxer, in everyone’s delight.











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Word and Photos by Maki Aganon