All Fun and Dirty! The First Philippine Flat Track Racing Event and Clinic Finally Kicks-Off


We have been looking the best words to describe the event, synonymous to fun, exciting and engaging, and yes indeed, it was all fun and dirty.

We only hoped that we pull it off and it was way beyond what we expected. It was just a dream to see custom motorcycles take the races, regardless of the type, displacement and make. More that what we thought out how it would be, it was an event that is free for all bike heads to enjoy.

More than our dreams to showcase what the country has to offer in terms of Philippine Custom Motorcycles, we also wanted to see how would it fare to test custom built bikes to it’s potential, through flat track racing. We thought it would be a fun way to train on our riding skills, recognize the culture, and to promote a unifying activity that would engage moto-heads and enthusiasts.

The sport that became popular in the early 1920’s sanctioned by the FIM (Federation of International Motorcycling) and still remains today, is a distinct form of motorcycle racing, teams or individuals, around an oval track. The AMA Grand National Championship in the United States started a flat track racing series in 1954, opened a class to feature street-legal motorcycles, in an effort to engage ordinary motorcycle enthusiasts and riders.

May 14, 2016 marks history for the 1st Philippine Flat Track Racing and Clinic, “Keep It Dirty!; to well adapt a world-wide sporting challenge to engage motorcycle riders, enthusiasts, custom bike builders and bike clubs that offer a unique family oriented, healthy competition, camaraderie and awareness of the roots of custom bike racing. All for pure fun, exciting riding challenges and test of riding skills.

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The proud batch of the 1st Philippine Flat Track Racing and Clinic

The event race was directed by one of the most recognized, well-respected and cultured track rider Mr. Mel Aquino, starting off with the program by sharing his thoughts, imparting dirt track riding skill application, riding safety, racing ethics and basic concepts of flat track racing; all with a quirky attitude and character.



Mx Messiah Fairgrounds in Taytay Rizal, the one and the only training facility to house Filipino Extreme Sport Athletes, opened its doors for everyone to witness history being made; co-presenting a fun filled, family oriented race event that gave much pleasure, interest and entertainment for the sport. Event grounds owner, Pastor Sam Tamayo, also a multi-titled Motocross Athlete imparted his passion to ride, inspired everyone how God has blessed his life, through dirt track racing.



Multi-awarded Extreme Sport Athlete, Ptr. Sam Tamayo shows how it’s done.

The race commenced with 5 Main Flat Track Race Categories where riders of different motorcycle types and makes took part of, namely: 150cc and Below; 150cc and Above; Minibike, Invitationals and Custom Costume Race. The participants had their time to feel the track and did some practice runs before the main races to commence.






It was all frenzy when the races began. Excitement built up the whole place as it thrilled everyone who beard witness for history to unfold. The races started off with the elimination phase of the 150cc and below category.




It just got dirtier when the Minibikes took their turn, after a mild drizzle that blessed the track after the heat. It was all wild and dirty, giving their all, without giving an inch to their minibike rivals. A few good practice runs and the race for the small bikes started.










Then it was the bigger bike’s turn, the 150cc and above category, to rip the tracks open. A quick-competitive 4-bike race!




Custom motorcycle builders and riders also took part in the dirt track races, covering a good category while some on their wackiest costume race outfit. Anghel ng Lansangan took the chance as they raced their custom choppers, bobbers and trackers on the flat track. Ralph Malapitan, the grand champion of the Costume Race Category as “Captain America” even shared, that it was a unique, different, and a memorable experience for hard riders like them.





The Invitational Race also paved way for Sponsors, Media Partners, Bike Builders, Celebrities, Motorcycle Personalities and Organizers to battle it out on the course and try-out the flat track. A initially fun race, turn out to be a competitive one.






Special Skills Challenge were also participated by attendees and registrants who brought their bikes, namely the Longest Slide, Most Donut Challenge and The Slow Race. This session found a fun way to test everyone’s riding skills in a form of a light competition.







All fun, excitement, laughter and cheers were drawn from the crowd, to support their friends and family participating the race. From adrenaline-pumping races, down to the dirt track free trials, it was all good and everyone was in for a treat during the event.

Here are some photos taken during the open dirt track trial sessions.







Here are the list of winners per category and skills challenge:






150 CC Below
– 1st Place: Todee Teodoro
– 2nd Place: Jermell Sevilla
– 3rd Place: Christopher Santos
150 CC Above
– 1st place: AJ Lim
– 2nd Place: Maki Aganon
– 3rd Place: Jericho Rosales
Mini Bikes
– 1st Place: Glenn De Leon
2nd Place: Christian Largo
3rd Place: P.J. Bonza
– 1st Place: Todee Teodoro
– 2nd Place: Jay “Spike” Maguigad
– 3rd Place: Jericho Rosales
Costume Bike
– 1st Place: Ralph Malapitan
– 2nd Place: Ryan Olbis
– 3rd Place: Dan Phanto
Longest Slide
– Todee Teodoro
Longest Donut
– PJ Bonza
Slow Race
– Telly Buhay
Best Bail
–  Sammy Caguioa
– Chris Baldemoro

This Event is made possible by:
Mx Messiah Fairgrounds
Waves and Pavement Supply Co.
Mad Kahuna Surf Shop

Event is Sponsored by:
Royal Enfield Pilipinas
Imprint Customs

Supported by:
Ropali Classics
Shawarma Bros.
El Pago Sausages
Sun Life Financial
Hammock Republic

Special Thanks to our Media Partners:
All About Wheels Manila
Inside Racing Magazine
Turban Rider

Trophies Sponsored by Custom Bike Builders Ylagan Kustom, Wild Custom and Jerry Formoso Kustoms

Here is the a teaser recap video by All About Wheels Manila:


May 14, 2016 marks history and this will always be remembered, comes with the feeling imbued in each and every witness and participants. It was a really special day for everyone, a new sport, a new recreation, a new activity to look forward to and a chance to celebrate a day for motorcycle lovers with the whole family and friends.

Til’ next time! Keep It Dirty!!

Photos courtesy of the following:
Allen Aligam
Jerald Ines
Jay Maguigad
Telly Buhay
Michael Eijansantos

Words By Maki Aganon