Yamaha LB50 Chappy by 3B Customs


Small bikes are cool. Yes, you definitely want to have a moped bike in your garage one of this days for sure. This bike, resurrected to its prime glory by 3B Customs is a remarkable testament of man and machine’s relationship.

Yamaha Chappys were introduced as Honda released its small trail bikes. They were produced in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The most common models are the LB50 (50cc model) and the LB80 (72cc model). The LB50s was usually known to have pedals installed into the swingarm, while the LB80s normally had the pedal system absent all together.


Now 3B Custom’s head imaginator Benjo Sun started a concept for this chappy build. “The owner of the bike is a friend and fellow cyclist his name is Cyril. One day at a friend’s house for a meeting, we got to talking about bike builds and he asked what I could do with a chappy, as always wanted one when he was younger. Well I did too I think most of my generation during our elementary/highschool wanted one. So I tried to find one from my sources. A few months later one popped up and it had papers. And has complete parts, well so I thought.” Says Benjo.


… “Browsing the net for some inspiration, I stumbled upon a design and wanted to improve upon it. We wanted a nice clean build with chromed parts. Wanted the bike to be inviting, playful yet classy.”


The build details is pretty outstanding. Benjo said that the only part of this bike that hasn’t been touch/modded is the handlebar everything has been modified or changed. The front shocks are from a Honda XRM 125 underbone, rear shocks have been changed also. The engine has been fitted with a new piston and piston ring, new carburetor, wasn’t able to find an original so opted for a custom fitted Yamaha L2 carb. The ignition system has been changed from a contact point to a CDI, and from 6 Volts to 12 Volts. It has been fitted with a custom made tuned pipe that is hidden between the chassis and rear tyre. Frame has been modified to fit a new custom gas tank, hidden below the custom seat. The wheels have been changed from size 8 to size 10 rims. Had to change it, as the old ones were rotted out, it looked like swiss cheese.




… “Luckily was able to source out rims from a friend (Richie) he used it on a previous chappy build as well. Fitted the rims with classic white side wall tyres. New brakes and throttle cable. New alloy side stand. Custom headlight, tail light and turn signals, also new throttle and light switches. Custom cream leather seat and handlebar grip. Also a custom molded carburetor cover, which gave me the most headache. Also made a custom see through cover as well for the magneto and a custom orange plate cover. The paint is custom mixed tiffany, orange acrylic plastic and chrome. To top it all off made a custom choke handle from my kid’s push pop cap, just a little something to add to the playful scheme. The build time was around 3 or 4 months.”


Riding the bike around town brings back memories, it was a fulfilling build as I always wanted to own one as a teen. Who knows maybe in the future I might end up building one for myself.


3B Customs

-Built with passion, Crafted by heart. Ride with Pride.

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