Wolfy: Kila Adame’s SYM Wolf 125 Mid-Sized Brat Cafe


Dakila “Kila” Adame’s SYM Wolf 125 has transformed in to a breathtaking masterpiece. From a simple stock form to an enigmatic small displacement beauty.

SYM Wolf is one of the most affordable choices of Filipinos in terms of “Pampasadang motorsiklo.” But what is SYM? Sanyang Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in Taipei in 1954 by Huang Chi-Chun and Chang Kuo An. The company’s headquarters is established in Hsinchu, Taiwan and sells its two-wheeled products under the brand name SYM. So basically, SYM is an established motorcycle brand from Taiwan and they make good motorcycles, hell yeah.


Couple of weeks ago, while browsing Facebook, we saw this stunning small displacement build posted by Kila. We were in awe by those fine leathers on the tank, a unique brat cafe styled motorcycle with a touch of that wolf emblem. So we immediately contacted the owner and asked him if it’s okay for him to feature his bike.

So here it is, presenting the World War II inspired brat cafe SYM 125 by Kila Adame from Sampaloc, Manila.


We had an exclusive opportunity to dig deep and learn more about Kila’s build, here’s his story.


“It started when I am just dreaming of having a motorcycle and owning one. I thought it would be fine to just buy commercially available motors but my inner desire tells me the other way, that I should not stay conventional but rather find my own style which I find it in customized bikes especially so called cafe racers.”

“Unique yet classic”
That is how Kila described his bike Wolfy (named after the base bike of the motor – SYM WOLF 125). “In building such kind, it took me more than one month and two weeks just to finished it. I consulted the builder of my bike for their opinions about creating a durable yet classic bike. And thus, I purposely changed the tank into bigger one. I also changed the rear chasis section, putting in dual shock absorber, a 428 chain, a modified t-post and swing arm. I also used cafe racer projector headlights, flexible led taillights, classic diamond handgrip, folded classic side mirror, custom rear chasis, custom seat and custom gauges.”



“However, what made Kila’s bike unique is having a genuine cowhide leather strap made by Iron and Hide custom. “For me, having such leather strap serves dual purpose. First, it protects the tank from unwanted scratches and second, it adds that distinct classic style to it.”
“Finally, for me owning a brat cafe is not about buying expensive motorcycles but rather, having one that would really satisfy your desire and who would have thought that SYM, a Taiwan made bikes aren’t good enough to be this stylish, classic and most of all, a day to day traffic companion.”
Motorcycle through art form is an essential part of a rider who loves and cherish his bike. The essence of riding is to enjoy the freedom. It doesn’t matter what brand or displacement as long as you ride with style, confidence and respect to other riders. Proud of you Kila for creating this masterpiece.
Love this brat cafe? Ask the builder about it. https://www.facebook.com/kila.adame