Visual Stories: Skeched Bike Dream by 14 Year-Old Bence Urban from Hungary



This here we wanted to share how bike dreams are realized, and what could make this real special is that it was shared to us by a young boy from a different country.


A Paper and A Pencil

Bence Urban from Hungary shared us these photos of how he conceptualizes his designs by scratch. Does it even matter of how young he is but definitely we would be more than happy to finally see if he was to make his dream bike a concrete ride.


“..Hey, I’m 14 years old and I’m from Hungary. I like custom bikes very much…” on a note shared by Bence




“..I’m planning a project with my little CB 250. And I’m always drawing bikes…”




“..Only with hand, no ruler or something like that. And I draw my own ideas…”




There, passion for bikes can truly relate to any generation, that can reach far out in any place around the world. We are translated to one common language of motorbikes and a life that is run on two-wheels. No more words could explain why there is a need to ride, and form a genuine connection with a machine.


We’ll keep in touch hand we’re pretty excited how would this turn out soon.



Words by Maki