The custom bike scene or generally known as the ‘cafe racer culture’ is consistently creating buzz in the Philippines lately. With all the events, gigs, new bike builds and bike cafés, inspirations are endless and ideas are overflowing. Online media is now bombarded with the latest discoveries on mods and customizations. The locals’ passion to create with an ‘experimental’ energy has been brought to a higher level. For the custom bike movement is finally happening across the globe. Just go to Instagram and type ‘cafe racer’ on the search engine. The results are amazing! (And don’t forget to follow us @caferacerph!)


No wonder why builders and backyard garages are now sprouting in every corner. Most builders are just fond of the process of creating, which is really fun and fulfilling. Others modify bikes for business and nothing is wrong about that. But some men are just plain CRAZY about customization!


Like this guy named Jonathan Van Haute. No, he’s not mentally ill. But his bike concepts are sick! Owner of the Fart Monkeez Garage in Las Piñas city, Jonathan a.k.a. ‘Athan’ is not your typical bike builder. He’s also into farming. Athan and his family practise organic farming and aquaponics. He does his own vlogs and shares it on Youtube and FacebookHis bike building venture initiated because of his great enthusiasm for bikes and the art of customization.

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Come and have a big whiff of Fart Monkeez Garage’s newest awesome build!

Lets take a closer look of the Kawasaki Boxer Street Tracker for Raymund Marasigan. Jonathan shared to CRPH all the craziness that happened in the process and talked about the men that contributed in building this sleek, rock-n’-roll ride.

When Raymund and I talked about the project, he already had a style in mind. He showed me a photo of the build. It was originally a concept from a custom bike project by Revolt Cycles of Cebu. So we looked them up on Facebook and rang them. I ask the permission to use their concept as our inspiration for Raymund’s bike, which they gladly allowed.”

“Cool guys, by the way. Revolt Cycles.”


“So I told Raymund how the process will go. I will chop the rear part of the bike’s chassis. Take out the unnecessary ‘bakal-bakal’ or metal parts to make the bike look see-through.”


“I was thrilled when I found out that nowadays, gel-type batteries are readily available in the market. Unlike acid batteries that are more sensitive with its upright orientation, gel-type batteries can be installed in any angle you prefer. So we used the latter for this build.”

Photo by Jonathan Van Haute.
Photo by Jonathan Van Haute.

“Raymund wanted it to be simple and clean. And most of all, the color of the bike has to match his guitar. One day, Mike Dizon of Sandwich brought Raymund’s new guitar and showed it to Edwin Mistica and Jerome De Vera (FMG’s official paint artists) and on-the-spot they created a paint mix that will match the color of the instrument.”




I had fun building this bike because all the parts that we used are good quality. Courtesy of our homeboy Raymond Jesu Palaca or RJ of GRP WORKS. He went to different corners of Caloocan city and assisted us on finding the right parts that was essential for the build.”

IMG_4411 (1)

“Raymund gave its name: The Boxer Rebellion.”

Raymund Marasigan, Jonathan Van Haute and Mike Dizon during the ongoing build of the Boxer Rebellion.

Raymund Marasigan started as a longboard skater and a downhill bicycle practitioner. Now, the vocalist of Sandwich‘s extreme outdoor lifestyle is about to get greasier. Thanks to Jonathan Van Haute and the gang from Fart Monkeez Garage.

Photo by Mike Dizon at the 'Don Pacquing' Bike Night.
Photo by Mike Dizon at the ‘Don Pacquing’ Bike Night.

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