The Philippine Custom Build Bike Culture: It’s about Time


Admit it, custom build bikes wether its a cafe racer, street tracker, bobber or brat are more cooler than other bikes (Ehem!) Yes, literally, you give more soul to that two- wheeled beast when you devote your time, knowledge, some nitty gritty with your wife about additional expense or budget that you need to finish your project and yes, passion.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 6.37.40 PMRevolt Cycles from Cebu

The culture of custom bike builds in the Philippines is gaining more popularity with the help of social media and the classic cafe racer websites that pops up in the web every single day which inspires a lot of motorcycle enthusiast to build their own bike on their backyard or garage.

Bali inspired Surf Tracker build by Waves and Pavement co.

Philippine Custom Build Bike Culture 1
John Louie Yu from Cebu, one of the prime motorcycle enthusiast who spreads the culture of  Cafe Racer in their region.

Chloe Samontanes from Ilo-ilo. Passion for bike to the fullest.

Philippine Custom Build Bike Culture 4

 Alamat Crewser’s Mick Ison. CPI for the win!

For me, personally I prefer low displacement bikes which we have abundantly in our country. We find gold in some old 155 Honda TMX or Yamaha RS. It’s not about the displacement, it’s about your passion to make an ordinary extraordinary, it’s about your love and commitment to show everyone that anything is possible.

Philippine Custom Build Bike Culture 2

The Eye-Man Bike. TMX 155 by Epos Falcone from Cebu.

Philippine Custom Build Bike Culture 3

 Yamaha RS 100T By Shanti Haze from Valencia Bukidnon

We tend to deviate from the norms that the society has established. We want to be different, we want to put soul in our two-wheeled day to day companion. Philippines, considered to be one of Asia’s motorcycle mecca, is now ready for the custom bike revolution.

It’s about time.

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