Pantera- KTM Duke 390 by Revolt Cycles


One of the premiere custom bike builders in the Queen City of the South, Revolt Cycles from Cebu has dropped their first build for 2018, a 2014 KTM Duke 390 build which is very popular around the country and worldwide for its stunning modern looks and performance. The KTM Duke 390 is a good entry level motorcycle for those who wants to hop on the saddle with power.

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KTM, a brand that is associated with offroad and adventure bikes has released an entry-level Duke which debut at the 2012 EICMA show in Milan, Italy, and went on sale in India and the Philippines in 2013 and in the US in 2015. The KTM Duke was embraced by Filipinos because of its  light weight built and slick design.


The KTM Duke arrived in the garage with its usual orange and white color matching accessories like side mirrors, brake levers, handlebar, bar clamps and down to the smallest bits like bolts, washers, caps, etc. Not to mention some random stickers sticked around the bike for that increase racing look.

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Like to all our builds, we treated the Duke as if it was our own personal bike. We took the time to study how we can change the look to a more classic style and by sttripping the bike gave us a more understanding about its frame, geometry and style but as more we got around, the latter was’nt really meant for the KTM.

The owner’s wish was simply to make it to a tracker style and quoted all “BLACK”! We then stripped down all the bright colored anodized accessories by diluting/dissolving them in this simple household product, the “liquid sosa”, it was our best friend for this build undertaking a lot of time to strip the anodized paint but all worth revealing its true aluminum color and by giving it a light polish.

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To most of our builds, the first and major task that the guys at RVLT are the wheels. Either by refurbishing, restoring, customizing or in this case changing the color meaning stripping the old orange out and spraying a fresh coat of matte black. Topping it off by wrapping the wheels with Shinko 805s for that dual purposed ride.


Revolt Cycles’ Jon Louie Yu talks about the process of the build.

“As we progressed to this stage, we decided to retain the original tank design and giving it a gloss on matte black accent with our RVLT cycles logo wrapped at each side of the fairings. To pair the front end to the body, we decided not to use the conventional round headlights but a aftermarket Powerpart Headlamp that is designed for the KTM Duke, painted in black wrapped with a gloss RVLT decal and yellow tinted lens on it.”

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“Now this is where the fun part begins as we move to the rear end of the bike, taking out all the plastic fairings, removing all the tabs and chopping 1/4 of the subframe then fabricating a new pointed style tube at the end. We tucked all the essential “electricals” under a fabricated seat pan along with a detachable seat wrapped with black quality grade leather with custom seat cowl cover. Integrated the stock tail light to a custom made mudguard for that sleek clean tail tidy look.”

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“We did not want to make a drastic change with the over-all look of the 390. We still wanted it to look like one with respect to its lines and geometry but with a little touch of black magic as we can say.”

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“Challenging part was separating the frame from the motor basically removing all the parts, wirings and etc attached to it for a clean proper clean, respray of gloss black and preparation. At this stage all parts were prepped and painted for the rebuild phase.”

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“Some other custom bits like a aftermarket bar-end side mirrors, pod filter and a aftermarket M4 exhaust system for that mean beautiful note.”

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“To top off the build with all the parts in placed and done, striking with the smooth gloss and matte black textures, and a beautiful stance on the prowl for its prey the name PANTERA was coined translating from Panther in Spanish language.”

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The PANTERA, #RVLT30 a 2014 KTM Duke 390 for Mr. Aljun Decampong from Davao City, Philippines.

Words by Jon Louie Yu

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Photos courtesy of Revolt Cycles
Photographer- The Jeb – Photomercenary
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