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The Run Down: The First Ride PH Cafe Event

What a full and fun weekend for motorcycle aficionados as the fist Ride PH Cafe unveiled the best custom motorcycles, heritage bikes and the launch of two latest bike models of Royal Enfield, the Interceptor and the Continental GT 650 twins. We were there to support our good friend Jay Taruc as he continues to elevate the motorcycle scene in the Philippines.


Ride PH was the brainchild of Jay Taruc, one of the most popular motorcycle enthusiast and journalists in the Philippines. After his popular TV show Motorcycle Diaries, Jay took a leap of faith and started another motorcycle riding themed TV show which more focused in the culture of motorcycle riding and called it Ride PH. Few years after the first episode was released, it grew into a brand that caters the two wheel community with its growing numbers of followers nationwide.

Here’s the Run Down of motorcycles featured during the Ride PH cafe event held at Metrotent Pasig City last March 9, 2019.







We also spotted merchandise from STKD as they carry a global brand DEUS ex Machina, STKD’s new flagship brand.



We also spotted Dark Horse Manila’s Aldrin Anderson with his timeless red Beemer flaunting its beauty.


We also met celebrities during the event, one of them is Ms. Beauty Gonzales with her creamy Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 built by Iron Machina. Yep, more feature soon for this gorgeous bike.



The new flagship bikes of Royal Enfield was unveiled during the event. The 650 twins, Interceptor and the Continental GT.



It’s a start of something big for Ride PH main man Jay Taruc. This event wouldn’t be possible without the help of friends from Cafe Racer Manila, Mark Laccay and Jolly Alarcon who also organized the Ride For Valor event the following day. Kudos to these hard working people. See you next year and a huge congratulations to Ride Ph team!



Keep It Dirty 2019 Online Registration

KID template 8 online registration image

The event that ignited the flat track racing culture in the Philippines is back! Let’s get diirrtyy this coming March 30, 2019 at MX Messiah Fairgrounds!

We encourage everyone to register online to avoid the hassle of registering on paper on the day of the event. And most specially, to secure the right jersey size for you! Due to Jersey and shirt production lead time, cut off of online registration is March 17. Thank you!

We look forward this coming Keep It Dirty 2019!

WHEN: Saturday, March 30, 2019

WHERE: MX Messiah Fairgrounds

Hell Fire: Navatek’s First Bike Build Venture

Roger Navat, known as the guy behind Navatek was one of the first upholstery seat makers that ventured in to the custom bike scene since 2012. Roger was so passionate about custom bikes that’s why last year, he tried venturing in to bike builds and joined his first custom bike show and won several awards.

Here’s HELL FIRE, Navatek’s backyard build XR 200.


Rog is known in the Custom Motorcycle industry as one of the finest seat maker started since 2012 in the underbones until now in Custom bikes. After almost 2 years of woking at Wild Customs as apprentice together with his friend Anton Lau they develop their skills and knowledge on metal shaping and fabrication including welding skills.


From there Rog started to build his own workshop in his garage in Las Pinas and established his brand Navatek Custom Motorcycles. This bike captured the eyes of the judges and won the Bike of the Night award in Monkey Throttle Custom Bike Show that was held in Cainta on the Anniversary celebration of Garage Monkey Customs.


Honda XR200 is known as one of the toughest standard motorcycle here in the Philippines and now with the mix of a talent and skills can bring this bike a new look and a new life.

Learn more about Navatek, visit their Facebook page


SG-411 by Smoked Garage: Not Your Ordinary Royal Enfield Himalayan

The SG-411 by Smoked Garage was first featured on BIKEEXIF.

We had a chance to see some of Smoked Garage builds up close and personal whenever we visit Bali. I my self drew some inspiration from the “Island of Gods” back then that’s why we decided to start back in 2012 when we first saw and experience the custom bike scene in Bali.

Smoked Garage started from a humble small crew in Bali which then grew to one of the best and finest motorcycle craftsmen in the archipelago and was recognized internationally by their unique approach in customizing one of kind motorcycle for their clients. Read more about Smoked Garage story, click here.


Smoked Garage occupies a ware-house sized space near the popular Kuta area of Bali including 110 meters of space, 16+mechanics, graphic design team, admin, retail staff, apparel and proprietary Smoked Garage motorcycle parts . Having received international  recognition for their custom builds along with establishing a Smoked Garage in Brisbane, Australia, they have come a long way from our roadside “bengkel motor” roots to the award-winning brand today.

Meet the SG-411


“The Himalayan’s all-terrain capability makes it perfect for a flat tracker-style build,” says Smoked’s Nicko Eigert.

Royal Enfield wanted a ‘modern’ looking bike, in line with the DNA of Smoked Garage. The caveat was that functionality could not be compromised too much: Smoked had to retain the original qualities and characteristics of the Himalayan.

royal-enfield-himalayan-custom-4 royal-enfield-himalayan-custom-1 royal-enfield-himalayan-custom-3

Smoked Garage crew decided to draw on Royal Enfield’s military heritage and add a touch of ‘stealth fighter’ influence: sleek and futuristic, but also solid and rugged. They’ve done it so well, we didn’t clock that this was a Himalayan until we read the build spec.


The biggest mechanical change on ‘SG-411’ is to the suspension. The stock 41mm forks are gone, replaced by beefier 43mm Showa USD items. And the monoshock has been updated to an up-spec Öhlins unit with remote reservoir, linked to a custom swingarm.

Read more about SG-411 on

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Cafe Racer Philippines’ Best Featured Custom Bikes, Events and Moments of 2018

2018 carved a milestone for us here at Cafe Racer Philippines. We’ve witnessed the propagation of Custom Culture in the Philippines as well as the growth of the custom bike community in Asia. Here’s a rundown of our monthly custom bike features as well as the moments and events that laid a solid foundation for the custom bike community in 2018.

Starting of with this ground-breaking build from our friends at Iron Macchina.This GS was brought to Iron Macchina by Mr. Gren Guadamor a member of BOSS Motorcycle Club. He intended to make his GS a stand out, a bike that will be different from other GS. He wanted his bike to sit a bit lower for his comfort. “While doing the planning, I had a good vision on what the bike can look like if we modify some of its other parts as well. So I called him up and gave him a few ideas on what i want the bike to look like and yes, he agreed,” said Symon, Iron Macchina’s founder.

Read more about Maximo here.

Next stop, Pantera by Revolt Cycles. Like all their builds, Revolt Cycles treated the Duke as if it was their own personal bike. They took the time to study how they can change the look to a more classic style and by stripping the bike, it gave them a more understanding about its frame, geometry and style. The owner’s wish was simply to make it to a tracker style and quoted all “BLACK.”

Read more about the Pantera here.

This one is gold. From rat to brat indeed. Meet the Yamaha XS250 that captured our heart and turned in to an elegant Brat Cafe. it was inspired by Louise Branzuela’s love and passion for motorcycles.

Read more about this XS250 here.

The Yamaha SR 400 was re-launched. The iconic Yamaha SR 400 was reborn and was launched last March 14, 2018 in the Philippines at Yamaha Y-Zone, Pasig City. The Yamaha SR400 is a legendary classic that depicts a heritage Japanese motorcycle icon since 1978.

Read more here.

It was really a party! Keep It Dirty 2018 was one for the books! Excited for Keep it Dirty 2019? Take a glimpse of what happened during the third year of this iconic dirt race event.

After noticing that majority of the events in the motorcycle firmament were mounted in a motor show-type of setting, Café Philippines’ Managing Director Michael Eijansantos decided that organizing an opportunity for motorbike buffs to hop on their favorite machines in its natural element is the way to go, but minus the intimidating risks inherent to professional motorbike races. This vision was strongly supported by the MX Messiah Fairgrounds director Sam Tamayo, even advocating the importance of instilling safe-riding principles and practices to young riders via the event.

Watch out for Keep It Dirty 2019. As usual always in the month of April. Stay updated by following Keep it Dirty’s Instagram page, @KeepItDirtyEvents.

It’s Moto Builds Pilipinas guys! Check out what happened during this annual gathering of custom culture tradition.

We expect more greater things to happen this year for Moto Builds Pilipinas. We can’t wait for this gathering.

Now, we’re heading to Siargao Island, a bustling island culture infused with custom bike delicacies. We had a chat with the owner of Loosekeys Moto Culture, a thriving custom bike rentals in the heart of General Luna, Siargao Island.

Read more about it here.

MC Customs raised the bar when it comes to quality build. Check out some of their collection that we have featured.

Okay, back to motorcycle features. In 2018, a custom bike garage based in Italy emailed us their masterpiece, Moto Guzzi V9.

This V9 Gannet Moto Guzzi is a pure racer with tight stance and proportions. It is a radical transformation from a relaxed cruiser configuration of the Moto Guzzi V9 “Roamer” donor bike, which got designed into a pure racer, reduced to the essentials with some retro elements and spiced up with the finest herbs of racing parts.

Read more about this Moto Guzzi V9 Racer here.

Luke Landrigan’s XR200 Tracker version two is a pure bliss. Thanks to our good friend Jerry Formoso, this XR200 got a fresh new look, perfect for the bustling surf town vibe in La Union.

 Read more about this elegant XR200 here.

One of the most sought after and dominant entry level dirt bikes in the Philippines the XTZ by Yamaha, a 125cc dirt machine capable of traversing off road terrain and river crossings with ease and also a day to day stand out traffic buster whenever you’re roaming the metro.

Well it seems that this XTZ tracker build by APE Customs is one of the slickest tracker build that we’ve seen so far using the Yamaha XTZ 125 as the base bike model.

Read more about it here.

Lastly, meet Wolfy, the SYM Wolf 125 turned into an elegant Brat Cafe by Kila Adame.

That is how Kila described his bike Wolfy (named after the base bike of the motor – SYM WOLF 125). “In building such kind, it took me more than one month and two weeks just to finished it. I consulted the builder of my bike for their opinions about creating a durable yet classic bike. And thus, I purposely changed the tank into bigger one. I also changed the rear chasis section, putting in dual shock absorber, a 428 chain, a modified t-post and swing arm. I also used cafe racer projector headlights, flexible led taillights, classic diamond handgrip, folded classic side mirror, custom rear chasis, custom seat and custom gauges.”

Read more about Wolfy, click here.

There you have it folks! 2018 was one for the books and we’re excited to feature more unique backyard and garage builds this 2019. As always, keep us posted on your bike projects by sending us a direct message on our Facebook Page and Instagram account.



Wolfy: Kila Adame’s SYM Wolf 125 Mid-Sized Brat Cafe

Dakila “Kila” Adame’s SYM Wolf 125 has transformed in to a breathtaking masterpiece. From a simple stock form to an enigmatic small displacement beauty.

SYM Wolf is one of the most affordable choices of Filipinos in terms of “Pampasadang motorsiklo.” But what is SYM? Sanyang Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in Taipei in 1954 by Huang Chi-Chun and Chang Kuo An. The company’s headquarters is established in Hsinchu, Taiwan and sells its two-wheeled products under the brand name SYM. So basically, SYM is an established motorcycle brand from Taiwan and they make good motorcycles, hell yeah.


Couple of weeks ago, while browsing Facebook, we saw this stunning small displacement build posted by Kila. We were in awe by those fine leathers on the tank, a unique brat cafe styled motorcycle with a touch of that wolf emblem. So we immediately contacted the owner and asked him if it’s okay for him to feature his bike.

So here it is, presenting the World War II inspired brat cafe SYM 125 by Kila Adame from Sampaloc, Manila.


We had an exclusive opportunity to dig deep and learn more about Kila’s build, here’s his story.


“It started when I am just dreaming of having a motorcycle and owning one. I thought it would be fine to just buy commercially available motors but my inner desire tells me the other way, that I should not stay conventional but rather find my own style which I find it in customized bikes especially so called cafe racers.”

“Unique yet classic”
That is how Kila described his bike Wolfy (named after the base bike of the motor – SYM WOLF 125). “In building such kind, it took me more than one month and two weeks just to finished it. I consulted the builder of my bike for their opinions about creating a durable yet classic bike. And thus, I purposely changed the tank into bigger one. I also changed the rear chasis section, putting in dual shock absorber, a 428 chain, a modified t-post and swing arm. I also used cafe racer projector headlights, flexible led taillights, classic diamond handgrip, folded classic side mirror, custom rear chasis, custom seat and custom gauges.”



“However, what made Kila’s bike unique is having a genuine cowhide leather strap made by Iron and Hide custom. “For me, having such leather strap serves dual purpose. First, it protects the tank from unwanted scratches and second, it adds that distinct classic style to it.”
“Finally, for me owning a brat cafe is not about buying expensive motorcycles but rather, having one that would really satisfy your desire and who would have thought that SYM, a Taiwan made bikes aren’t good enough to be this stylish, classic and most of all, a day to day traffic companion.”
Motorcycle through art form is an essential part of a rider who loves and cherish his bike. The essence of riding is to enjoy the freedom. It doesn’t matter what brand or displacement as long as you ride with style, confidence and respect to other riders. Proud of you Kila for creating this masterpiece.
Love this brat cafe? Ask the builder about it.

Dirt Bike with Style: Yamaha XTZ 125 Tracker Transformation by Ape Customs from Roxas City, Capiz

One of the most sought after and dominant entry level dirt bikes in the Philippines the XTZ by Yamaha, a 125cc dirt machine capable of traversing off road terrain and river crossings with ease and also a day to day stand out traffic buster whenever you’re roaming the metro.


The XTZ 125 boast a carburetor 125cc engine with top of the line economical gas consumption reaching up to 45 km/ litters depending on its usage. How did we manage to prove that this dirt machine is a true bang for the buck due to its low fuel consumption, because two years ago we owned one, and yes we enjoyed every single dirt roads and hardcore hill climbs with it.

We thought of stripping down our XTZ back then but for some trail riding reasons ( Yup, we will just beat it in the off road until the last ounce of fuel!) we decided to maintain it to its stock form (F***CK Stock!). But then, few years after we sold our XTZ to our trailhead friend and replaced it with a Serow, a much powerful 225cc engine.


Few weeks ago, this customized XTZ with mag wheels by APE Customs popped up on our feed. How the hell did they managed to make the XTZ look this good given that the custom tracker scene is largely dominated by Honda XL and XR’s?

We had a little chat with its builder Andrew Andrada of APE Customs. So here it is, presenting the XTZ premium dirt tracker build by APE Customs from Roxas City Capiz.



“Our recent build is a Yamaha XTZ 125cc, this is for a friend here in our place Roxas City, Capiz. The bike will be displayed in his garage named SHOP BALAY together with his cars. The mag wheels that we used for this bike came from Motorstar z200, we bought a junk z200 just to get the mag wheels and swing arm to be used on this build. Building process was about 6months because we did the first look and we’re not satisfied so we decided to change it and it looked like this.”- Andrew Andrada. 



Well it seems that this XTZ tracker build by APE Customs is one of the slickest tracker build that we’ve seen so far using the Yamaha XTZ 125 as the base bike model. To know more about APE Customs, visit their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Check out APE Custom’s Instagram account, @APECustoms

Fox Racing unveils all-new MX19 collection and V1 helmet

Inspired by its long heritage as a pioneering motocross brand, Fox Racing continues to push the limits and defy boundaries as it engineers motocross products that combine style and innovation as well as integrate the insights of champion-winning athletes. The result is a consistently superior range of gear and apparel that are developed with the rider in mind.

This season, Fox Racing is more than thrilled to introduce an impressive new addition to its range of motocross gears that will doubtlessly revolutionize motocross performance. Enter the MX19 Collection, Fox Racing’s latest line of motocross gear that embodies the brand’s enduring dedication to give riders their best experience yet no matter the terrain, the environment, and the condition. From revitalized graphics and colors to cutting-edge protective gear and apparel, the MX19 collection is truly made for motocross.

Elevating rider experience with the MX19

To officially unveil its latest offerings and likewise showcase the torch-bearer of the collection which is the all-new V1 helmet, an exclusive media launch was held last November 7 at the MX Messiah Fairgrounds in Taytay, Rizal. Hosted by John Hendrix, the event kicked off with an exhilarating exhibition by Fox Racing’s local ambassadors which include Janelle Saulog, one of the country’s top female riders, top pro rider Ralph Ramento, motorcross legend Jovie Saulog, and the country’s current top rider Bornok Mangosong.

fox 1

After the motocross exhibition, the athletes shared with the guests their firsthand perspective of what it’s like to actually ride and perform in the gears and apparel of Fox Racing’s MX19 Collection. After the talk, an impressive performance by the future of motocross riding in the Philippines which include Josh and Caleb Tamayo as well as Wenson Reyes, capped off the adrenaline-filled program. To allow the attendees to truly immerse in the world of motocross racing, the Learn To Ride portion of the event enabled them to learn the basics of motocross and experience riding across the area as guided by a team of motocross riders.

Changing the game with the V1 Helmet

Redesigned from the ground up, Fox Racing’s V1 helmet, which is included in the MX19 collection, has truly set a new standard for value performance. The key feature of the helmet is the Magnetic Visor Release System called “MVRS” which ultimately serves to manage rotational forces. Pro-level and patent-pending, the MVRS removes the three visor screws and replaces them with magnets to enable the visor to be released from the helmet in the event of a crash while ensuring that it stays in place when needed.

fox 2

Apart from its safety features, it also offers better airflow than its predecessors which provides riders with improved comfort and moisture management under warm riding conditions. For a more true-to-size fit and feel, the helmet is available in 4 specific shell and EPS sizes and comes with a removable and washable liner, and cheek pads. Boasting of a brand-new aesthetic, it is also available in a wide selection of colors and graphics to match nearly any gear set.

Valued at P11,990, the V1 helmet is also a gamechanger in terms of the affordability that it offers motocross riders. Equipped with the MVRS technology, the V1 helmet provides motocross riders with the same amount of protection and enhanced performativity as other top-of-the line helmets would but at a more competitive price point.

Over four decades since its debut, Fox Racing continues to be driven by the passion to elevate athletic performance through progressive innovation. Though the brand has since expanded to cater to mountain bike, BMX, surf, and wakeboard communities, at the heart of Fox Racing is the brand’s fearless commitment to the spirit of motocross.

The FOX V1 Helmet is available in all Fox stores nationwide.

Fox Racing Philippines is distributed by the Primer Group of Companies. Fox Racing is the global leader in motocross and mountain bike gears and apparel. The brand actively supports the bike and motocross communities in propagating and developing these sports in our country and partners with top athletes in inspiring and providing introductory programs for everyone. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @FoxRacingPhilippines.

Photos by Michael Eijansantos


Luke Landrigan’s XR200 Version 2.0 by Jerry Formoso Kustoms

 This XR 200 will soon roam the busy streets of surf town San Juan, La Union.


This badass Honda XR200 Surf Tracker 2.0 will soon roam the busy streets of surf town San Juan, La Union with its owner, president of Philippine Surfing Championship Tour Luke Landrigan. We had a glimpse of this surf tracker’s brand new revival when we were at JFK’s garage few months ago.

36895055_1837040479667852_1137266829849264128_o 43041915_153644648908729_1361439761645961216_n

But this XR200’s history was far from being a service bike during its prime. The bike originally came from Surigao and was built and revived by Surigao’s finest bike builder 3B Customs back in 2016. it was intended to be Luke’s personal bike in the island but eventually, Luke decided to ship it to La Union.


We’ve seen this bike in Siargao back then, in fact, this bike was the inspiration of Loose Keys Moto Culture‘s main man Daniel Fitzpatrick when he saw the bike parked in Cloud9.


” I did a full make over to this bike from concept and ideas to application. It’s all hand build, from the side racing number cover to paint job, we did everything and enjoyed the overall process,” said Jerry.


We’ve seen Jerry Formoso established himself as one of the most sought-after bike builders in the Philippines from ground up. We met Jerry way back in 2013 during an event in Angeles, Pampanga when the custom and cafe racer scene was just starting and the rest was history.

We’ve seen how dedicated and focused he is while working. From a literal garage shop to international recognition, Jerry Formoso Kustoms is considered to be one of the best bike builders in the archipelago.

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Indian Motorcycle has finally revealed details of its production street tracker, the FTR 1200—the most hotly anticipated bike launch of recent months. The FTR 1200 is fairly close to the lineage of the all-dominating FTR750 flat track racer.

There’s a new 1203 cc engine that pumps out 120 hp, an under-seat tank for mass centralization, and a trellis-style steel mainframe with an aluminum rear subframe.


The biggest visual difference is the exhaust system. Rather using high pipes with a hidden run down to a catalytic converter box, à la Triumph’s Street Scrambler, it’s a more conventional 2-1-2 setup with twin large mufflers.

Read more about the new Indian FTR 1200 at

Photo courtesy of BikeEXIF.