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Nothing is Impossible with Fart Monkeez Garage

I’ve known Jonathan, the main man at FMG (Fart Monkeez Garage) for quite some time now and I’m proud to say that this guy really amazed me. From his comic FB post to his unbelievable motorcycle resurrection skills, FMG has become a household name in the motorcycle scene in the Philippines.

One thing that really amaze us is his willingness to come up with “out of these world” ideas on building bikes from scratch. I remember he told me his idea when I visited his shop few months ago and I was blown away when he posted his project few days ago. And I just said to my self, “damn he made it.”

Custom rat ride motorcycle play toy with dry clutch by FMG


Well, here at cafercacer.ph we value “out of the box” ideas, and this one was beyond the box. It’s a spectacle of flourishing realist concepts that can only be appreciated by those who really have the passion for custom bikes. Literally, ride this and people will ask you how you made it and why???


Here are some words from FMG himself, Jon Von Hoti.

“Yung rolling chassis nya pare galing sa kawasaki zephyr 550. Kaso yung makina ng Zephyr as in kulang kulang. Nawalan na ng gana yung may ari. Sinubukan namin ibenta as is, kaso pag makina na usapan, walang bumibili. Binigay sa akin yung buong motor ng may ari. Sinabihan nga ako na ipakilo nalang namin yung motor e. Hahaha!” (opening a bottle of ice cold koks)

“Sakto, nung binigay nya sa akin yung motor, meron akong peyks na briggs and stratton na makina galing sa outdoor na pressure washer. Kinahuyan ko yung orig na makina. Kinuha ko yung clutch basket, clutch linings, magneto at stator. And the rest is history. Hahaha! (chugs koks)


“Matagal ko na gusto gumawa ng kuliglig, pero sabi ko sa sarili ko, ayoko gumawa na mga fan belt ang gamit para paandarin. Gusto ko single speed na dry clutch. Hahaha!” (chugs koks again then burped)


“Tsaka, ayaw ko gumawa ng motor na pang display lang. dapat napaglalaruan kagaya nyan. Hahaha! Yung nga lang, pang loob ng village lang.” (burped again)

O well, like what we said in the title of this article, nothing is impossible with FMG.







Stand Out TMX 125 Alpha Cruiser Bobber Build by Klasiko Sindikato from Bataan


Every day, we see tons of newly built customs bikes all-around social media. From Facebook to Instagram, these bikes are everywhere. But there’s one bike that stands out from the rest of this custom culture craze and we definitely gave this one of a kind build a chance to have the limelight and be featured here in caferacer.ph.

Meet the guys from Klasiko Sindikato from Bataan. In the outskirt of the metro lies a unique blend of World War II history and a rich pre- spanish colonial vibe. Bataan is also one of the hidden ride destinations with breathtaking sceneries and mountainside roads. It is also the home of Ride for Valor event that commemorates the Bataan death march.


We had a brief chat with the Klasiko Sindikato’s main man, Regin King Jorge Andres, the brains behind this elegant Honda TMX 125 Alpha Cruiser Bobber build.

“One day, my friend and I were chatting at his shop about the recent build we did for our recent customer. And then he asked me if I can do a build for him because he got a free bike that his not using that time. That was his bike in tracker build.”

“Jherry was a good friend of mine and without hesitation, I grabbed the opportunity to build a bike for him and for his shop. The bike was proposed as a display piece at the same time a bike that will be showcased in his shop.”

3“He then right away gave me the leisure of freedom to design and build the bike. We both decided to make a bobber build that has its own identity and will separate it from the others.”

“I decided why don’t I incorporate some parts from different kinds of classic motorcycles and automotives. Back in the days, I got my Volkswagen beetle that hangs from the yard and suddenly I saw my old air cleaner from my beetle.”

“I’ve decided to add it to the build. To give it more pop, we made springer forks using Honda c70 parts. I cut the frame in half and make a rigid frame the will suit the engine size.”

“The only struggle I’ve encountered was building the bike alone. I shaped and bent metals from hammer with my own hands. Doing all the works from layouts to fabrication. And the trickiest part is how to make it nice even when I’m lacking in tools to make some other parts that I needed for the build.”

16 5 20 6

See this TMX 125 Alpha Cruiser Bobber and meet the guys from Klasiko Sindikato at the Annual Monkey Throttle Kustom Cult Bike Show this weekend at Cainta, Rizal.


Visit the official event page of this event, CLICK HERE.

A Dream Ride that was Fulfilled, Conquering the Highest Roads in the Himalayas

We still can’t comprehend the magnitude of what went down during our trip to the Himalayas.

That memorable experience had a great impact to ourselves riding the highest roads in the world, stories of our struggles to acclimatize, meeting new friends and seeing this side of the world differently.

18,380 ft above sea level. Khardung La with my Michael Eijansantos, Jake Verzosa and Zandro Fajardo
18,380 ft above sea level. Khardung La with my Michael Eijansantos, Jake Verzosa and Zandro Fajardo

So if you are planning to ride to the highest motorable roads in the future, I mean the roads leading to Nubra Valley, Pangong Lake, Fatula top and of course Changla and Khardung La, you need to seriously prepare your self for this once in a lifetime adventure ride.

snow ride

Here are the five things I learned before and after the ride.

  1. The road that we’re riding into is just a speck of dust in the world out there.

I mean, there’s more to riding MARILAQUE or SAGADA. Try to think big and try to set a long term goal ride for your self. Aside from that, you will learn tons of things about life that we live in. Burst that bubble and learn to appreciate life. It’s not always about the speed, trust me.


Travel and find time to make your dreams come true. If not now when? When you’re old enough not to survive a two-thirds of Oxygen level 10,000 ft above sea level? Or set a goal, stop smoking and save up for the best ride of your life.

2. There’s more to life than living everyday stressed out because of daily traffic jams in the metro.

Seriously, yes we still live in a bubble when we are in the metro, try to explore the countryside and you will see the difference and appreciate those who live in the province. Traffic is not a source of stress for the people who lives in the province. The same thing I learned in the Himalayas, Life there has a big difference where we live in. Food is different and most important, internet is slow or no connection at all.

Take time to have long rides, it’s a good way to disconnect from a stressful environment like Metro Manila.

3. Roads are not always paved so learn to ride offroad.

When we were out there in the mountains of the Himalayas, we were riding together with a group from a middle eastern nation and it’s their first time to ride in a badly beaten road or no roads at all. In their country, they have the smoothest asphalt paved road in the world. Now after our ride, they consider riding more offroads, and yes they considered to buy dirt bikes and the Royal Enfield Himalayan. The traction-less environment like fire roads and back roads will definitely help you become a good rider, you should learn from the best in the industry like Mel Aquino’s Offroad Training Camp in Antipolo. Trust me it works.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 1.42.30 AM

Just like our everyday lives, it’s not always a smooth ride after all so learn to tackle bumpy roads along the way.

4. Just dream and work for it.

Sometimes we tend to be okay with what we have in the present. We are not motivated enough to take on the challenges that go with it. Sadly, we are just contented with what we already have not knowing that we could attain our dreams if we really work hard for it or if you could create something out of nothing and present it to someone who has the same passion as yours. That’s one in a million though, but frankly, just be a risk-taker. If you fall, get back up and go back to the drawing board and start all over again. If you hit the jackpot, maintain your status, be humble and be open to help out others in achieving their dreams without asking for anything in return.

5. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is in the masterplan of God for your life.

Our goal was to have a humbling experience out there in the snowy peak of the Himalayas and to document this once in a lifetime ride. So we decided to come up with a book, a tangible testament of this monumental experience of our lives riding the Royal Enfield Himalayan and the Bullet 500. More details about this project soon, just wait for our announcement on our social media networks.

In my opinion, God put everything into place. He is the source of our success and achievements. But you really need to work hard for it. Don’t stop dreaming, work hard, keep your self healthy and believe that someday you will be able to ride and reach the highest motorable roads in the world.

This trip is not be possible without the support of these following sponsors.

Khardung la copy

Thank you guys! Juley!


Royal Enfield Desert Runner 650 Interceptor by The Revival

We couldn’t stop our selves from drooling over this Royal Enfield 650 Inteceptor. Our dirt side just kicked in and we just decided to share this beautiful piece here. The Desert Runner, a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 built by Alan Stulberg’s crew at Revival Cycles in Texas.

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 12.41.18 PMPhoto courtesy of BikeEXIF.

The guys from the Revival were immediately struck by the quality of the new twin—a step ahead of anything Royal Enfield had built before. “This was a machine that everyone in the workshop could see putting into daily use,” says Alan. “The other thing worth considering when assessing Royal Enfield is that nobody sells more motorcycles worldwide these days than they do. Nobody.”


READ MORE HERE: http://www.bikeexif.com/royal-enfield-interceptor-650-scrambler/

A little teaser telling the visual story of building “Revival’s Royal Enfield Desert Runner” and racing it in the 2 day off-road desert race from Los Angeles to Barstow to Las Vegas last November.

See a full description and photo gallery here: https://revivalcycles.com/motorcycle-…

The Himalayan Story

Raw, rugged and simple. That’s the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Let’s look back on how the Himalayan was conceptualized and born into one of the most iconic and successful mid-sized ADV bikes in the market today.

This video explains how all the natural aspects of the Himalayas contributed to the making of a purpose-built, go-anywhere motorcycle. Presenting, the all-new Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Get your Himalayan at STKD, send them a message, https://www.facebook.com/StkdSurfMoto/

Royal Enfield Himalayan Now Available in the Philippines with EURO 4 Specification

Royal Enfield, the global leader in mid-size motorcycle segment, announced the availability of its Euro IV compliant Himalayan, a motorcycle purpose-built for adventure and touring in Philippines. Royal Enfield motorcycles are Exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Hardcore Brothers Custom Motorcycles, Inc..

Jimmy Barinaga, Hardcore Brother Inc. President and CEO together with Mr Vimal Sumbly, Head of Business Markets for Royal Enfield (APAC)
Jimmy Barinaga, Hardcore Brother Inc. President and CEO together with Mr Vimal Sumbly, Head of Business Markets for Royal Enfield (APAC)

The extremely versatile Himalayan will offer adventure seeking motorcycling enthusiasts, with extra protection in wet, slippery conditions, as well as road filled With dust and gravel, providing more stability and safety with the dual-channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

Certified motorcycle addict TV personality and host Mr. Ryan Agoncillo
Certified motorcycle addict TV personality and host Mr. Ryan Agoncillo

The new Himalayan also comes with Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) lighting system, which makes the headlamps turn on automatically, which improves the rider’s visibility.

Royal Enfield Adventure Team Philippines with Cafe Racer Philippines Managing Director Mr. Michael Eijansantos together with Cheggy Medina and Mon Astillero.
Royal Enfield Adventure Team Philippines with Cafe Racer Philippines Managing Director Mr. Michael Eijansantos together with Cheggy Medina and Mon Astillero.

Bringing together 60 years riding experiences in the Himalayas, Royal Enfield Himalayan paves the way for a purer, non-extreme and more accessible form of adventure touring in Philippines, with its nimble and agile character that induces confidence in riders to go on and off-road with equal comfort.

C! Magazine's Mr. Maynard Marcelo presenting the C! Magazine award to Royal Enfield Philippines for the best mid-sized ADV bike for Himalayan.
C! Magazine’s Mr. Maynard Marcelo presenting the C! Magazine award to Royal Enfield Philippines for the best mid-sized ADV bike for Himalayan.

The Himalayan was the first of its kind motorcycle in the adventure genre in the Royal Enfield range, since 1901, and has been one of the most popular and talked about models since its introduction in 2016, receiving rare reviews, accolades and demand from customers across the world, especially in matured motorcycle markets like North America, Europe, UK and Australia.

”While ‘pure motorcycling’ is at the core of everything we do, introducing a capable and go- anywhere motorcycle like Himalayan, has allowed us redefine the adventure touring space in Philippines in many ways, which was earlier largely dominated by very heavy, extremely complicated, intimidating and inaccessible motorcycles. Since its arrival in 2017, the Himalayan has opened the adventure touring space for novices, who aspired but never had a purpose builtproduct, at an accessible price point, available in the market. The Himalayan balances aspiration with access that allows seasoned riders and enthusiasts as well as adventure aspiring riders to do more with just one motorcycle”, affirms Vimal Sumbly, Head – Business, APAC Region, Royal Enfield.


-Royal Enfield sets a new standard in Philippines’ two wheeler market, by introducing one of the most aspirational entry level adventure touring motorcycle, made for all roads and no roads.

– Powered by Long Stroke 410 engine, the Royal Enfiald Himalayan paves the way for a purer, non-extreme and more accessible form of adventure touring with its extremely capable off—road capabilities make it adept for riding though potholed in urban jungles, as it does for treacherous mountain trails.


-The Himalayan instills confidence in a rider to go on and off the road less traveled, beyond their day-to-day commuting needs.

-Functionally – the Himalayan’s non—intimidating Spartan design, a flat torque curve, accessible seat height and long suspension travel alongside the ease of ownership, making the Himalayan an extremely versatile motorcycle that is adept for long rides while equally being the definitive choice to navigate in urban jungles.


-Royal Enfield motorcycle range available in Philippines includes the iconic Bullet 500, the retro-street models – Classic 50000 and 35000 + Classic Chrome 50000, the newly introduced Twin-cylinder based Interceptor 65000 and Continental GT 65000 and the latest addition to the range is the all-new Himalayan 41000 now available as per Euro IV.

The new Himalayan owners.
The new Himalayan owners.

-Beyond India (the biggest market for the brand with over 850 dealerships), Royal Enfield motorcycles reach consumers and enthusiast in more than 50 countries through 540+ dealerships and 40 exclusive brand stores in nodal cities such as Milwaukee, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Medellin, Dubai, Bangkok, Jakarta, Bali, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur and the latest to 10m Seoul.

Check out our highlights of the Himalayan EURO 4 Specification reveal.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan EURO 4 with ABS and EFI is now available in the Philippines. Price starts at PHP 299,000 for Street Version and PHP 326,000 for Touring Version. Get your Himalayan at STKD, send them a message, https://www.facebook.com/StkdSurfMoto/

Meet Tanya, The CATERPILLAR Inspired TVS XL100 of Ase Medina

We’re always on a lookout for something new, something fresh, unique and out of the box concept. We want to highlight the builds of local backyard bike builders, their ideas since day one. Some of them are now well-respected bike builders and some of them just focused on their passion.

We saw another feature worthy bike on Facebook. A bike that is underappreciated by its power, looks and maybe because of its brand. But this bike that we are featuring right now is one of the most economical and fuel efficient daily commuter ride, built to tackle the deadly traffic of Metro Manila and other big cities in the world.

So what bike are we talking about? Without further ado, meet Tanya, a TVS XL 100 CATERPILLAR inspired traffic buster of Ase Medina from Tandangsora, Quezon City.


TVS XL 100 as featured in News Moto

This 100cc moped caters the daily commuters of highly urbanized cities such as cities in India where TVS originated from. TVS Motor Company is a multinational motorcycle company headquartered at Chennai, one of the biggest cities in India with 7 Million population.

TVS is the third largest motorcycle company in India and TVS Group spans across industries like Automobile, Aviation, Education, Electronics, Energy, Finance, Housing, Insurance, Investment, Logistics, Service and Textiles.

TVS XL 100 Solo Luzon Loop by Turban Rider.

Our friend Mr. Telly Buhay of Turban Rider demonstrated TVS XL100’s power when they load up to five individuals on this 100cc bike.



So we asked the owner of this gorgeous heavy lifter bike Ase Medina why he considered owning a TVS XL100.

tvs 1

“Binili ko po ung xl 100 kasi mura lang sya para pang daily use ko po pang pasok ng trabaho. sabi kasi nila matibay daw at pang durugan daw talaga ung XL 100.”

So why the brand CATERPILLAR (CAT)? We know it’s a brand for heavy equipment, so why?


“Isa po akong contractor carpenter kaya sa trabaho ko madalas ako nakakakita ng caterpillar trucks kaya un naisip kong motif sa motor ko para mas mag mukang heavy duty pag pumapasok ako. kaya madalas pinag kakatuwaan sa trabaho na kargahan ng mabibigat.


We know you were delighted when we asked you to feature your bike on our website. What are your thoughts about it?


“Hindi naman po talaga ako builder ng motor nag try ko lang gawin ung visor at mud guard gamit ung mga tirang flat sheet sa trabaho. di ko po alam na madami palang magagandahan sa ginawa ko. Thank you po sa pag future ng bike ko ” 

Insprired by his daily job, Ase transformed his daily commuter in to one of a kind moped bike. Kudos to your work Ase!

Frankly speaking, the TVS XL100 is a bike for everyone. It’s light, durable and can take a seriously long ride with just 100 Pesos gas budget.


So do you have a unique bike build? We can feature it! Just send us a DM on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CafeRacerPh/

Follow us and tag us also on our Instagram @caferacerph


The New BMW Concept R 18 Roars Into Life

The Concept R 18 is the world premiere of a BMW Motorrad custom concept featuring a new prototype flat-twin engine – the highest capacity boxer motorcycle ever produced. Simply christened ‘Concept R 18’, this pure, stripped-down, laid-bare bike give more than just a hint of what’s coming your way in the cruiser segment.


Tommy Kerns was one of the first people to have the chance to take it for a spin. His statement about his first impressions are clear as glass. We’ve never put more soul into a bike.


BMW has been hinting for years that it wanted to return to the cruiser arena in a big way, and this Concept R18 may be the first shot at reconnecting an old-school form with clean, modern custom style. Will this one make it into production? Maybe, but the Concept R18 is also definitely a concept. “We have used the Concept R18 to demonstrate what an update of a 1960s boxer could look like today as a purist custom bike,” explained Edgar Heinrich, head of BMW Motorrad Design.

Check out: http:\\www.bmw-motorrad.com/r18

Photos courtesy of https://www.motorcyclecruiser.com/bmw-unveils-concept-r18-motorcycle/


Oakley sat down with the DOCTOR, Valentino Rossi before the 2019 Gran Premio d’Italia Oakley. Listen to the Moto GP Living Legend.

Oakley is officially distributed by MEERA ENTERPRISES, INC. in the Philippines.

About Oakley

Oakley was created for world-class athletes, those who see the limits of possibility as just another challenge. Their dedication drives us to look beyond the conventional ideas of industry standards. It’s in our DNA to identify problems, create inventions, and wrap those inventions in art. And simply to make things better than anyone thought possible.


G-Force Atrium Mega Mall, Trinoma, Bonifacio Highstreet, Rockwell, SM Cebu, Ayala Cebu, Mall of Asia, Greenfield Sta. Rosa, Marquee Mall Pampanga, Robinson Bacolod, Ayala Bacolod, Abreeza Davao, Harbor Point Subic, and Newport, O-Store SM Aura, Century Mall, SM Pampanga, Greenbelt 3, Bonifacio Highstreet, Uptown BGC and U.P. Town Center.


The Love Cub- Honda C50 Super Cub Fi by Iron Macchina Customs


The Honda Super Cub is the most popular bike on the planet and ranked number 1 as the best motorcycle of all time.

We know the history of Honda’s pivotal moment with its popular two-wheeled machine which catapulted Honda’s sale and position as the best motorcycle maker of all time. So Iron Machinna just unveiled their latest motorcycle restoration giving full love to the cub, meet the Honda c50 super cub Fi by Iron Macchina Customs.

Love the Cub

Surpassing 60 million sales in 2008, 87 million in 2014, and 100 million in 2017, the Super Cub s the most produced motor vehicle in history. The idea for a new 50-cubic-centimetre (3.1 cu in) motorcycle was conceived in 1956, when Honda Motor’s Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa toured Germany and witnessed the popularity of mopeds and lightweight motorcycles and the rest was history.

The Super Cub’s US advertising campaign, You meet the nicest people on a Honda, had a lasting impact on Honda’s image which is often used as a marketing case study.


But this restoration project of Iron Macchina Customs is different. The feel and aura of this classic machine is timeless, a project that will give a dent to Iron Macchina’s legacy in the custom bike scene.

65763655_2508058492786451_8126725135085338624_o 65691993_2508058679453099_9048674624342065152_o 65960019_2508059042786396_1503822926850293760_o 65830170_2508059179453049_5834123522930114560_o 65803713_2508058566119777_7430804544663060480_oIf there is one motorized vehicle that deserves to be termed as iconic, that has to be Honda’s Super Cub. The small, rugged two-wheeler has been constantly in production since 1958, with numerous variants and offsprings still pouring out from 16 Honda factories in 15 countries. We did a feature back then about the classic Super Cub revival. READ IT HERE.

About the Restoration

“Fully restored and few modifications (Caterpillar yellow paint, Brown seat, knobby tires and wooden front rack inspired by Dirty Lokalsbiker build off entry) was done to this beauty. Reconditioned engine, refurbished frame, swing arm, front suspension and chrome parts. Giving this minion a fresh and brand new look. That’s according to Iron Macchina’s official Facebook page. Well if you have any question about the restoration process of this bike, don’t hesitate to give Iron Macchina a message on their inbox, Facebook page or Instagram.

FB: Iron Macchina Customs
IG: ironmacchinaph