Nothing is Impossible with Fart Monkeez Garage


I’ve known Jonathan, the main man at FMG (Fart Monkeez Garage) for quite some time now and I’m proud to say that this guy really amazed me. From his comic FB post to his unbelievable motorcycle resurrection skills, FMG has become a household name in the motorcycle scene in the Philippines.

One thing that really amaze us is his willingness to come up with “out of these world” ideas on building bikes from scratch. I remember he told me his idea when I visited his shop few months ago and I was blown away when he posted his project few days ago. And I just said to my self, “damn he made it.”

Custom rat ride motorcycle play toy with dry clutch by FMG


Well, here at we value “out of the box” ideas, and this one was beyond the box. It’s a spectacle of flourishing realist concepts that can only be appreciated by those who really have the passion for custom bikes. Literally, ride this and people will ask you how you made it and why???


Here are some words from FMG himself, Jon Von Hoti.

“Yung rolling chassis nya pare galing sa kawasaki zephyr 550. Kaso yung makina ng Zephyr as in kulang kulang. Nawalan na ng gana yung may ari. Sinubukan namin ibenta as is, kaso pag makina na usapan, walang bumibili. Binigay sa akin yung buong motor ng may ari. Sinabihan nga ako na ipakilo nalang namin yung motor e. Hahaha!” (opening a bottle of ice cold koks)

“Sakto, nung binigay nya sa akin yung motor, meron akong peyks na briggs and stratton na makina galing sa outdoor na pressure washer. Kinahuyan ko yung orig na makina. Kinuha ko yung clutch basket, clutch linings, magneto at stator. And the rest is history. Hahaha! (chugs koks)


“Matagal ko na gusto gumawa ng kuliglig, pero sabi ko sa sarili ko, ayoko gumawa na mga fan belt ang gamit para paandarin. Gusto ko single speed na dry clutch. Hahaha!” (chugs koks again then burped)


“Tsaka, ayaw ko gumawa ng motor na pang display lang. dapat napaglalaruan kagaya nyan. Hahaha! Yung nga lang, pang loob ng village lang.” (burped again)

O well, like what we said in the title of this article, nothing is impossible with FMG.