#MotoSurfWeekPh: Philipine Moto x Surf Series


Summer comes in real fast. You can basically feel it. The humidity and dry sweat signifies a longing for a beach trip on weekends.


What are ways we could enjoy summer like us bike freaks? Well of course, we ride. Period. We explore endless roads, find new destinations, meet new people and build a certain kind of brotherhood only riders could understand. We are naturally born to be social, or anti social. We do sometimes ride alone. There are moments when we find ourselves out there in the open road where we can clearly think, where our souls move and our minds fly, that of which only our two wheels could give.



Philippine Surf and Motorcycle




There’s no stopping our beloved country to be one of the best kept secret surfing destination here in the South East Asia. Aurora, Baler giving birth to the logging culture way back in the 1970’s according to philippinesurfing.com. And just recently, Siargao Island Ranked #9 on being one of the Top Surfing spots in the World (CNN).


There is a small culture beginning to develop here in our country, you may have once or twice have seen it somewhere. Right now, here on CafeRacer.ph, we would like to highlight one of the few firsts to ever made it possible to live a certain lifestyle. Mad props to famed custom moto brands abroad, we are able to adapt the coined idea of Custom Classic Motorcycle and Surfing.


To name a few ones, not particular to pioneer such ideas, Waves and Pavement Co, Revolt Cycles, Aframe Surfing Company and many more had been pushing such culture, only to usher passion of living the classic lifestyle to appreciate travel, to search the unseen and to value nature by living less and getting more.


Stay tuned for this week’s feature of our favorite local builders sharing the stoke of riding concrete roads and charging waves.


This is #MotoSurfWeekPh



Words by Maki Aganon