Motorstar Z200 Cafe Racer by Alec Ginez


We’re back! This time we are featuring a backyard build from Palawan who’s looking for a two wheel companion as his daily work horse. Alec Ginez’s passion for custom bike ignited as he was lucky enough to get a Motorstar Z200 for a very good bargain. Well, to cut this intro short, here’s Mr. Ginez story of his bike.


Motorstar Explorer Z200
Before we go to the main story, let me give you a brief background of the bike’s origin. Also known as the Zongshen 200 GS, came in as a line-up with the Sport-touring bikes came from the largest manufacturing bodies in China. It comes with a dedicated single-cylinder four-stroke 200 cc engine, ensures a long distance engine endurance, is efficient and economical.
“I bought the bike January 2017 hoping to get back on 2 wheels again after I sold my scooter when I moved to Palawan from Manila. On a budget, I begun hunting for a bike that I could use as a daily service to work. I scour FB postings and I chanced upon this Motorstar Explorer Z200 priced at P15,000. So the mantra, “hanap”, “usap”, “deal” happened very fast and ended up getting the bike for P10,000. I was excited with the purchase then I remembered, I haven’t used a manual clutch operated bike in my entire life before that I had to ask the seller to deliver the bike to my office instead.”
“Before starting the build, I was already in constant communication with a long time fellow motorcycle friend of mine, Lenin Omaga. Plans of what base bike to use, where to get parts etc. I am not sure how I got into custom world then I joined Moto Builds Pilipas, that’s where i got the idea of creating a concept for myself and just make it happen.
I was then introduced to and found out a z200 custom tracker bike featured which further lit up my dream of having my own conceptualized bike made out from a beat-up motorcycle, I even contacted the seller to get pointers and clues on where to start.”
“So it begun, stripping the bike naked and practiced riding it. I was actually hoping to have the project done before my birthday, but sadly did not happen due to some obligations I had to do, so the build got sidelined for 2 months.”
“It was a long pain staking build, finding the right talent to help me build my concept, not to mention I live on an island where parts I need are like finding a needle in a hay stack. Good thing there’s online shopping.”

“I do not have a clear concept yet when I the build started but I made sure that I was there to every measuring, welding, mocking, painting and etc and I made sure that what I like and how I like for it to look is followed. Thanks to the people (Ambok metal works) and shops (Team Anzai) who helped me that after a 3 long months, my dream is built and named Karma.”

Alec used a 77 Honda dream Superhawk tank. it fits perfectly and gave that classic look and cafe racer attitude on the bike. All in all, this bike is a superb build. it even won a local moto show in Palawan.
18664659_1928447054111740_657382119600453805_nNow Alec is caught between the line of selling it or keeping it, well if you’re interested in buying this build, contact Mr. Alec Ginez on Facebook, click here.