Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Offroad Training Camp Partners with Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc, VS1 Protector and Mototek


Just like what I always say, “Happiness starts when the concrete pavement ends.” Well basically this is my mantra as a self confessed offroad junky.

Riding in off-road or unpaved road is crucial. You need skills and innate core balance to handle traction-less roads mostly in the provincial areas. According to more than 93 percent of barangay (village) roads nationwide and nearly 69 percent and 66 percent, respectively, of provincial and national roads remain unpaved. Basically, dirt roads, back roads and muddy roads makes up the whole travel experience for two-wheel adventure rider in our country.

Mel Aquino has been riding motorcycle more than half of his entire life. With his world class skills in performance stunt riding plus his experience in motocross racing, Mel Aquino proved to be suitable in helping those who wants to learn off-road riding. He came up with an idea of sharing his skills, fulfilling his mission to spread the joy of the off-road. Mel Aquino and his team of coaches started the Mel Aquino Offroad Training Camp at MX Messiah Fairgrounds last year.

Training the future at MX Messiah Fairgrounds, Taytay Rizal

“Offroad riding is an important skill. You can apply all the skills and knowledge that you have learned riding off-road in pave roads,” says Mel Aquino during our conversations at Motora Azul 1955.


Mel Aquino’s dream of establishing a world class off-road motorcycle training camp will not be possible without the help of the motorcycle industry. Last may 12, 2017, MAYOTC sealed its partnership with top brands in the industry, Yamaha Motors Philippines Inc., VS1 Protector and Mototek.


Yamaha Philippines’ overwhelming support in the growing off-road motorcycle market proved itself by supporting the leading off-road training camp in the country by providing Yamaha off-road motorcycles like the PW50 for kids, XTZ 125 and the undeniably reliable off-road bike Serow 250.

First batch of off-road training at KRB


Distributed by Consumer Care Products Inc. VS1 Protector and Mototek, the leading motorcycle chain cleaner showed its all out support to help maintain the off-road training motorcycles of the Offroad Training Camp.


Mel Aquino has trained almost a hundred students and most of them were children. “Teaching kids on how to ride a motorcycle is our bread and butter. It boosts their self confidence and it teaches them a lot of patience,” Says Me Aquino. “We want to develop more young off-road motorcycle athletes who will carry our flag in the international racing scene in the future,” Mel Aquino added. MAYOTC also trained top celebrities like Ryan Agoncillo, Jericho Rosales, Gerard Anderson and Xian Lim to name a few.

Head Coach Mel Aquino with actor Xian Lim

Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Off Road Training Camp is now proud to be powered by VS1 and Mototek! Located at MX Messiah Fairgrounds Club Manila East, Taytay Rizal and at KRB Race Way, located at 35 Sitio Pulong Bato, Brgy., Inarawan, Antipolo City.

The Mel Aquino Yamaha Off-road Training Camp is now accepting enrollees and regular students. For inquiries, please visit MAYOTC official Facebook page, Contact: 0917 703 1399.

Photos from Mel Aquino’s yamaha Offroad Training Camp Facebook page.