Meet Mr. Grey by Katros Motorcycle



Our Asian brothers from Jakarta, Indonesia has just created a beautiful bike masterpiece. Meet Mr. Grey. Actually Mr. Grey is taken from one of the names of the characters in the movie controversy. Yes Fifty Shades Of Grey, which the main character named Mr. Grey.


What and how the story, it helps when you find out for your self. The base bike for this beauty is a Honda Tiger, a motorcycle that is popular in Indonesia.


This sexy beast has its own unique characteristic. With its exquisite design, molding it to a unique machine that is, still we find this bike a hell lot of attitude.


Front tire: 4.00-17 Swallow
Rear tires: 212-17 Swallow
Front rim: Aluminium 3 inches
Rear rim: Aluminium 3.5 inches
Tank: Katros
Seat: Katros
Cap: Duralium
Handlebar: Aftermarket
Sok rear: 34 mm

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