Luke Landrigan’s XR200 Version 2.0 by Jerry Formoso Kustoms


 This XR 200 will soon roam the busy streets of surf town San Juan, La Union.


This badass Honda XR200 Surf Tracker 2.0 will soon roam the busy streets of surf town San Juan, La Union with its owner, president of Philippine Surfing Championship Tour Luke Landrigan. We had a glimpse of this surf tracker’s brand new revival when we were at JFK’s garage few months ago.

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But this XR200’s history was far from being a service bike during its prime. The bike originally came from Surigao and was built and revived by Surigao’s finest bike builder 3B Customs back in 2016. it was intended to be Luke’s personal bike in the island but eventually, Luke decided to ship it to La Union.


We’ve seen this bike in Siargao back then, in fact, this bike was the inspiration of Loose Keys Moto Culture‘s main man Daniel Fitzpatrick when he saw the bike parked in Cloud9.


” I did a full make over to this bike from concept and ideas to application. It’s all hand build, from the side racing number cover to paint job, we did everything and enjoyed the overall process,” said Jerry.


We’ve seen Jerry Formoso established himself as one of the most sought-after bike builders in the Philippines from ground up. We met Jerry way back in 2013 during an event in Angeles, Pampanga when the custom and cafe racer scene was just starting and the rest was history.

We’ve seen how dedicated and focused he is while working. From a literal garage shop to international recognition, Jerry Formoso Kustoms is considered to be one of the best bike builders in the archipelago.

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