HONDA CB 77 RetroGold Build by Boolbs Personalizado Motocicletas


This combined build comes in a combo hit package with a base bike of Honda CG 125s and a 1964 cb77 305 superhawk tank. Built to be a commuter motorcycle, the Honda CG 125s was in production from 1976 to 2008 and was originally manufactured in Japan. Due to its simple and ergonomic design which was a carbon copy from its predecessor, CB 125, the Honda CG 125s was design for third world country back in the 70’s and 80’s.

Now, giving it a new look, combining parts from its motorcycle cousins, Boolds Perso Moto’s concept of a classic finish stand out for the owner of this retro small displacement, the Cg 125s was reborn to its previous glory.


Boolbs Perso Moto’s owner Jake Penarada from Surigao City shared to us his recent build. “I just have this long time itch to create something retroish since we live in a province, finding an old base bike is quiet difficult, almost next to impossible here. I started to think of building it on a more recent 1980s CG125s as a base. ‘thought of using a classic icon of a tank, the 1964 cb77 305 Super Hawk tank, which I conveniently had access to, oh and by the way  the client who owns this who’s a good friend and a former US Marine and is US based want it to be a meticulously clean build”



“The build time was about a month and a half, drawing inspiration on the classic CB77, known to be the first ever “true sport bike”, its classic stance and those unmistakable tank and lines. The gold over black paintjob just came out perfect, for me, its the epitome of class, those two combined, it is “plush” baby 😀 The build was not totally easy, the engine and everything that involves motion, has to be revamped.” says Jake.





Jake wanted this bike to be as functionally perfect as possible, shouting out loud with its looks. “Aesthetically, I think its just right, not too much on one single aspect of the build was overdone 😀 Opting for those fatty tires was just essential, it would make it look mean and bruttish, as the client insisted on it 😀 This build is dedicated to the classics of the past, that endlessly inspires us to do more.100% Boolbs Personalizado Motocicletas Built.”


Frankly, this bike is a head turner. With that slick black and gold lining, o and that classic Honda emblem, this bike is a work of art and the owner of this bike will be truly grateful.

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